Democrats On FEC Plot to Regulate Right-Leaning Political Speech Online

Democrats On FEC Plot to Regulate Right-Leaning Political Speech Online

So the saying “inside every tolerant liberal is  a totalitarian waiting to come out” has never rung more true for me than when I saw a little headline on Drudge. It seems that late Friday, a key Democrat on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) called to regulate Internet campaigns and videos. While this all sounds very “above board” and “reasonable” by their logic, the Republican chairman of the FEC cautioned that instituting these types of regulations on the internet has the potential to affect political blog sites (like this one) and conservative news aggregators like The Drudge Report in addition to regulating free online political ads placed on sites like You Tube.

Matt Drudge, Owner of the Drudge Report

Under a 2006 FEC ruling free political ads videos and advocacy sites have been relatively free of regulation. Unlike those annoying paid advertisements that appear out of nowhere and start playing on sites like the Washington Post are paid for, whereas the videos that would be targeted are the free You Tube variety like this one for Oregon gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson. This was a move by FEC Vice Chairman Anne M. Ravel to add one more log to the fire, so to speak, in the present climate of conservative bashing that has gripped our nation since the present Administration took office.

Gubernatorial Candidate Dennis Richardson of Oregon Photo Credit: KATU

This also calls to mind the stacks of other “unintended consequences” that these so called “liberals” have wrought on the country in the past six years. Things like the removal of thousands of retirees being stripped of their healthcare by large employers (such as IBM) due to Obamacare, the flood of illegal immigrant children coming across our southern borders this summer, and the inevitable spread of diseases from that allowed mass migration and the following distribution of those children in a perfect pandemic arrangement throughout our nation.

Pelosi with the Obamacare gavel

After all, what bad things can come from too much government interference?  Hmm, things like lost emails, trashed hard drives and federal employees running riot over the rights of private citizens who dare to challenge their record of fraud perhaps?

After all, they just want things to be fair, right? Not so much, and Ms. Ravel admits as much.

“Ravels statements suggest that she would regulate right-leaning groups like America Rising that posts anti-Democrat videos on its website”

Because taking away your fellow citizens right to free speech is SO American, and patriotic, isn’t it? The FEC Chairman, Republican Goodman points out that the internet exemption applies only to free, online content, not to TV ads that are posted on the internet. Those are held to the same standards of regulation as the TV ads are. Revel disagrees.

“Blasting the exemption, she said, “Since its inception this effort to protect individual bloggers and online commentators has been stretched to cover slickly-produced ads aired solely on the Internet but paid for by the same organizations and the same large contributors as the actual ads aired on TV,” Ravel argued.”

So, dear reader, here we go again. The Dems are once again, on the wrong side of history and Muppet Sam the Eagle is right-that’s just un-American.

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    While a few Republican were blocking Ann-the-good-socialist from infringing on 1st Amendment freedom of speech, the budget just passed by GOP RINOs includes new powers for IRS collection, including the ability to revoke passports for those who owe $50,000 or more in taxes. And if it’s $50,000 this time around, why not $10,000 next time, then, after that, anyone who owes anything? And if socialized medicine has the taxing power to mandate purchases of heath insurance today, why shouldn’t the government mandate flood insurance tomorrow? And while their at it, why not add the no-passport list to the no-flyer list, since they so easily go hand-in-hand, and then even more Americans can have their 2nd Amendment rights stripped when they enact their new gun control regulations? Indeed, why not just throw our hands up now instead of suffering this painful drag into socialist/fascist tyranny? On a 1778 poster on your site, it states that “Americans will always fight for liberty,” but- and unfortunately- that may not be entirely true. Progressive political correctness in our secular universities, ran by communist/leftist professors and administrators, is churning out a new generation of intolerant idiots- those who only comprehend tolerance in terms of their own causes; anyone with different views is intolerant and must be shut down to promote their form of fairness. This is where we are today, and too few people discern where it leads. In fact, most Americans are indifferent; they don’t stand for anything or a worldview, and they have no zeal of protecting the rights and views of those who do.

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