Democrats Doth Protest Too Much Over Abortion Limits

Democrats Doth Protest Too Much Over Abortion Limits

Democrats Doth Protest Too Much Over Abortion Limits

Despite the trolling and dismissal of last night’s GOP primary debate by Team Trump as a “vice presidential debate” and by Democrats as not being that important, it seems that everyone was watching.

And you can tell who was watching or paying attention through their hot takes/snap reactions on TwitterX. (As a side note, it’s really too bad the name “Twix” is trademarked and copyrighted, because that would have been the perfect hybrid name for the platform.) And when Governor Ron DeSantis made his assertion again that Democrats want to allow abortion up until birth…

… certain Democrats flipped out. Jen Psaki, who went straight from being the White House press secretary to MSNBC, where she now hosts her own TV show (same job, different venue, better lighting and makeup for the cameras), objected strenously.

Jen was slapped down so hard by multiple people asking what limits she DID support. She was also helpfully reminded of of what Democrats DID try and pass while she was still in the White House. In fact, here is Jen Psaki herself talking about Joe Biden’s support for abortion.

Jen, of course, played Brave Sir Robin and ran away from the conversation, and is now suffering from a convenient bout of amnesia after the beating she took on TwitterX. Maybe she has a virtual concussion now. She should probably sit out for a week on concussion protocol, because her brain is clearly affected.

Another Democrat looking to reclaim his online cred is Al Franken. However, he was easily wrecked with one simple reminder of what he HAD voted for.

Ooops. And this is the problem with Democrats. They don’t LIKE being reminded that they support abortion up until birth – or, if you are former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, you can even wait until AFTER the birth to decide! But if Republicans dare to point out this fact, you get Democrats like Katie Couric trying to rationalize it as “less than 1%” so of course it isn’t a big deal – until people respond that even one percent is somewhere around 12,000 babies, given the number of abortions that happen annually in the country. It just sounds so much… smaller… to say “one percent.”

And Democrats, despite their pearl clutching about being called out, always slap their own back into line. Remember that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just recently said that he would support a 15 week abortion ban – and the NBC reporter, Ali Vitali, was “surprised” by that answer. And then RFK Jr.’s campaign immediately issued a “clarification” to his position, which was essentially a giant Emily Litella.

In response to the howls of Democrats, who, like Lady Macbeth, don’t like seeing the blood on their hands that won’t come off, LifeNews provided this handy compliation video of Democrats who have said that they don’t support any limits on abortion.

Wow, look at that. Bookmark that video and save it. Throw it in Democrats’ faces every chance you get when they complain that Republicans like Ron DeSantis accurately point out their own position on abortion. Democrats try to hide behind euphemisms like “letting women choose” and “providing reproductive health care,” with the rare extreme like Northam being okay with infanticide. Also okay with infanticide by neglect? Barack Obama.

This is the expected – nay, enforced – Democrat position. In their minds, abortion is a sacrament in their religion of the state. There can be no limits on a sacrament, no admission that there might be a point where abortion is wrong, and anyone who steps out of line for the briefest second is dragged back into compliance.

This is why Nikki Haley was also on point during the debate – Democrats MUST be put on the spot and made to squirm about what they will accept.

“I think we’re all pro-life but what I would love is for someone to ask Biden and Kamala Harris are they for 38 weeks? Are they for 39 weeks? Are they for 40 weeks? Because that’s what the media needs to be asking,” Haley said.”

Biden campaign senior advisor T.J. Ducklo told Fox News Digital that the president has made his “position clear repeatedly.”

“He is for bringing back and codifying Roe into law,” Ducklo said.

That’s a dodge, because the law that Biden supported, and Psaki was talking about while she was press secretary, had no limits written into the law. Thanks to the miracles of modern science, the viability of a baby outside of the mother’s womb is now possible as early as 21 weeks, but that is considered extraordinarily rare. But would Democrats concede at 24 weeks? 28 weeks? Where does that magical line of viability fall for Democrats? The answer is that there is no line, because that would require Democrats to admit that life in the womb should be protected and have rights after a certain point of development. And the abortion fanatics who funnel campaign money and PAC support to Democrats would never stand for that.

Ron DeSantis is correct and Nikki Haley is correct. Democrats need to be reminded that abortion on demand and up until birth is their creed, and they need to be made to squirm over it because the blood is not coming off their hands. And they know the blood is there, or they wouldn’t be protesting so much about how “no one” supports abortion up until birth. Someone find the Democrats a mirror.

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