Democrat Strategy 2024 – All Abortion, All The Time

Democrat Strategy 2024 – All Abortion, All The Time

Democrat Strategy 2024 – All Abortion, All The Time

The Democrats held a meeting to decide their Grand Strategy for 2024. Suprise! It’s “abortion”. The same Democrat Strategy every year. Sound familiar? Sounds like the plot of the old Pinky and the Brain cartoons.

Pinky: Gee, Brain. What are we going to do tonight?

The Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world.

That is the Democrat Strategy. Every election. Abortion. Don’t think my referencing a cartoon is selling the evilness of the strategy short. Heaven forfend! No, the Democrats are flat evil as homemade sin.

From The Washington Examiner:

Democrats’ plan to retake the House in 2024 is building on the electoral success of defending abortion access and championing a broader agenda of defending freedoms.

During their annual conference in Leesburg, Virginia, last week, House Democrats outlined their messaging strategy, expressing confidence in their ability to seize control of the lower chamber as Republican leaders struggle to unify all corners of their conference. Democrats hope to seize on that intraparty tension to declare themselves the party of stability and freedom.

Oh yes, the Deemocrats are the party of stability, as they tear away every norm that holds society together. Freedom? They were the ones pushing the dangerous vaxx on everyone. You got kicked out of the military if you didn’t take the jab, remember? Freedom right?

Democratic lawmakers met for a series of closed-door briefings throughout the week to discuss messaging and campaign strategy on a slew of key topics such as housing, childcare, and climate. But party leaders made clear what they considered their secret weapon — reproductive rights.

“There’s no more pressing issue than the fight for reproductive freedom,” House Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-MA) said. “Wherever we travel across the country, whoever we talk to, abortion is top of mind for our constituents and for voters.”

Democrats really love child sacrifice. I refuse to believe man, woman or mixed is more concerned about abortion on demand than food, shelter and clothing. Nope. It is so because the Democrats want it so.

Infanticide has been THE Democrat Value, their holiest sacrament and the Democrat Strategy for more than 50 years. Even before the Dobbs decision, the Democrats were always threatening women with the fear that Republicans want to take away your right to murder the life within you. When Dobbs only returned the decision to its rightful place, the states, and did nothing to make abortion illegal the Democrat Strategy was fear-mongering.

Mark Levin is 100% right.

The Democrat Strategy of Child Sacrifice has a champion in Kamala. She speaks to her audience as if they were stupid, because she believes it is so:

How dare she! Does it never occur to these females that they are trying to erase women as surely as the Trans Radicals. Lia Thomas-aligned. This evil is so far gone.

Be prepared for the Democrat Strategy of 2024. All abortion, all the time. But, how do you convince a Democrat that murder is wrong? I will have to think on that.

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  • Cameron says:

    Be prepared for the Democrat Strategy of 2024. All abortion, all the time.

    Yes, but it’s a winning strategy. Look at Kansas if you doubt me.

  • Scott says:

    ” a broader agenda of defending freedoms.”.. to badly paraphrase a great movie… “you keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means..”

    If they really believed in Freedom, they’d quit trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

    Sadly Cameron is right. decades of the left running our schools has left us with generations of morons, incapable of critical thought, and capable of little more than regurgitating the propaganda they’ve been fed all their lives..

  • MJM says:

    The thing that I really hate about women shouting about their bodies, their choice is that they also have the choice of NOT TO GET pregnant. And we are not living in 1924 where contraceptives, condoms and even basic knowledge about women’s bodies and how pregnancy happens was pretty limited. So if a woman today gets pregnant it is more than likely because their are irresponsible gits and THAT should not be celebrated. And I throw in the fact that adoption and being a single mum, while difficult, is much easier to do in 2024 – at the very least the social stigma is gone. Adoptions are usually open and the birth mum likely knows if not picked, the adoptive parents, and the number of resources available to single mums is huge. As for the narrative that women get pregnant through rape or incest, the numbers presented have always been quite suspect. Not that it doesn’t happen, but probably no where near the numbers tossed around. Still not a valid reason for abortion – if the male is charged, convicted and jailed it is probably for maybe 10 or 15 years with out in 7 for good behavior. Meanwhile the innocent child is put to death – how is that fair in a progressive society – support the mum and child will the full resources of society.

    • BJ says:

      What about the boy or man who gets her pregnant in the first place, who says he will wear a condom (but doesn’t) or that he will pull out in time (but doesn’t)? What should the punishment be for that “irresponsible git”?

      • MJM says:

        If a women is going to rely on a male for her contraception she is an irresponsible git! It is my body, my choice, my responsibility. Learn it live it. if the guy is unwilling to cooperate he needs to be tossed. Sounds harsh but would prevent a lot of problems

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