Democracy: The Mob Scene Continues

Democracy: The Mob Scene Continues

Democracy: The Mob Scene Continues

We have seen a three-ring circus over the past couple of weeks. Accusations running amuck. Protests, vitriol-laden Twitter feeds, a slew of biased reporting, intimidation and of course, celebrities running their mouths and political organizations attacking in full-force…yet another woman.

They say, this is what a democracy looks like:

They say that this is what a democracy looks like:

And this is what democracy looks like:

“Feel it in your fists. To others who understand what the sinking pit is like, I’d urge you to do the same. Grasp that anger, that fury, that rage, and feel it burning in your fists. November is coming.”->Emma Gray, The Huffington Post

Feel it in your fists, they say. Get angry, they say. Never give another woman a moment of peace, they say. These are the democrat feminists we are dealing with in the new age of “democracy” and it’s just like the new age of “journalism”, right, Dan Rather?

Democracy, just like everything else the left gets its hands on, is being redefined and it is unfolding for all of our future generations to see. I have had this conversation countless times with older people I hold dear in my family (who watch and believe all of what they see on CNN). Being a Democrat today means something totally different than it did years ago. I have tried to convince them that their principles are inherently Conservative and do not align with what the Democrats of 2018 preach and believe. Call them set in their ways, it falls on deaf ears. They cannot get past Trump.

I love the older women in my life. I love them even though they cast their vote for Hillary Clinton. I love them even though they believe with every fiber in their body that Brett Kavanaugh is guilty. My hope here is that young women can get past this. That they can recognize the Democrats for who they really are-a mob laden with hypocrisy. A mob that is truly not doing any of us women any favors.

Dear young women of our time, I implore you to exercise some discernment and drown out the chaos. While compassion runs through our souls as women, we must think about what is truly happening here.

Christine Blasey-Ford may very well have been assaulted. But I am sure of it, ladies, that if any one you know in your life has been sexually assaulted, she would know the exact time and date this atrocity happened. She would not be saying it was “in her mid-to-late teens” or “it was either in ’82 or ’85”. She would definitively know her age that this innocence was taken from her. She would have dear friends and witnesses who would come forward in her time of need despite the time, the differences of the past and the miles that may have separated them over the years to rally in her corner. She would comply and not want to delay the process any longer than it had to be.

Ladies, think about this, too. If you were with a bunch of your friends, at a party and drinking and you were then exposed to what could have been a “rape gang”, would you return to such party? Would you let someone hold or pour your underage drink? Would you be friends with the girl who returned to these parties repeatedly, like, say, 10 times and then truly believe her when she said she was assaulted (and kept going back) and witnessing other young women she knew being gang-raped? Is this a woman you would want to be your friend?

Now place the shoe on the other foot for a moment. You grow up. You get married to a decent man. You have children and one of these women comes at your husband for the world to see. It rocks you. It rocks your marriage. And your young daughters are watching this all play out on national television. The same thing happened years ago to a certain First Lady who ran for president a few years back (except, he was never a decent man). The organization who is now for you, wanted to push this under the carpet:

Don’t know who MoveOn is, ladies? Do some homework.

It took a long time for me to realize where my true sisterhood lies. I have seen and worked with fame-hungry, back-stabbing pariahs (one in particular). I have watched sexual harassment lawsuits unfold brought on by women who were fired because they did not have the right skill set to do their job (they were never harassed). These same women would cry harassment but would be be totally fine with going out for a late-night “breakfast”, alone, with a married director or VP of the company after a Christmas party to get ahead. Anything for a moment in the spotlight. Including throwing you, her “BFF” to the wolves.

Young women, these are the mean girls at your school. Mothers, these are the girls you want your daughter to stay away from.

Ladies, young and old alike, if you take anything from any of these events of late, take a look around. Do you really think it is okay to use another woman for political gain? Do you really think that people like the Democrats care more for you than Republicans do? Do you really think that celebrities are in touch with your day-to-day struggles as women in America? Do you tend to believe everything you hear without supporting evidence? Do you believe organizations who say they are “for you” when they blatantly pushed another man’s sexual indiscretions from years past under the carpet? Do you honestly believe another woman should not be left to a peaceful moment because she did not go along with the mob?!

I pray our next generation of women come to their senses. Protests, riots, baseless accusations, biased news reporting, temper tantrums, threats to other women’s livelihoods. This is not a democracy, this is a mob scene of the most malicious kind.

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  • GWB says:

    “We believe all survivors”
    Well, you have to have actually suffered through something to be a survivor.
    What you *mean* is that you believe accusersas long as they’re on your political side.

    they believe with every fiber in their body that Brett Kavanaugh is guilty
    Yes, they believe. And they take their belief as good enough to know.
    If the goal is to reinstate the “patriarchy”, you couldn’t do more than to emphasize the lack of logic and evidence-based reason on which so many women make decisions.

    This is not a democracy, this is a mob scene
    Well, actually, that is EXACTLY what democracy is – a mob. It’s precisely why the Founders didn’t build a democracy, but a republic.

  • scott says:

    “Being a Democrat today means something totally different than it did years ago.”
    This is the one place I’ll disagree with you Lisa.. This is who the Demonrats have been all along, they’ve just hidden it better in the past. They are the party that founded the KKK, they are the party that supported eugenics (Margaret Sanger), they are the party that opposed the Civil rights movement, left a woman to die in cold murky water, etc. etc. etc….

    • GWB says:

      Maybe not “all along”, but pretty dang close to it. “Progressivism” began a loooooooooooong time ago (before Wilson was president). Progressivism and marxism are two peas in a pod, deriving from some of the same flawed thinking.

      (I would put slavery and modern progressivism in separate buckets of thought, myself. Though they both end up with approximately the same results.)

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