Dear Karens, The More You Hector, The Less I Care

Dear Karens, The More You Hector, The Less I Care

Dear Karens, The More You Hector, The Less I Care

Just because I didn’t use an obscene word in the headline doesn’t mean I’m not just about out of [expletive]-to-give when it comes to woke-bullying from karens or strawman lectures from Davids.

Today’s latest performers in the Woker-Than-Thou Games, Karens Event, are —

First: Faith Alice Sleeper, a hipster-bespeckled female of pallor stopping to sneer at some women scrubbing graffiti off a building. Faith gets extra points for expressing her OUTRAGE in the bored tone that, with just a soupcon of voice fry, she probably takes if Hoa the pedicurist doesn’t remove enough bunion callus.

Faith will have you know …

White women, we need to do better. […] Black lives are infinitely more valuable than any building

Sure, hon. Please give me your address so I can come over to your house to express myself of my infinitely more valuable feelings than your silly property rights. While I’m at it, please take off your front door so we can come in and see what we need. All you did was earn that stuff.

Dear Antifa, Faith feelz that property destruction is a-okay with her! Please visit the D.C. bar she manages and help yourself to the inventory. After all, she’s willing to do anything to make up for her pallor privilege. Remember, karens grovel for race-privilege points, too.

Second: David French, a poseur-conservative who can’t help but use his own adopted daughter in an effort to lecture the great unwashed, unawakened wypipo on how awfully raaaaacist we are. We just aren’t woke enough to recognize it. But, boy howdy, Davey is here to wag his finger in our face.

He tries to sternly stare us in the eye, but he keeps stepping on his own dick. Be aware that David does get miffed when anyone questions his conservative bona fides, but what conservative in the wild would put up with being libeled?

Moreover, taking the next steps down that road will have to mean shedding our partisan baggage. It means acknowledging and understanding that the person who is wrong on abortion and health care may be right about police brutality. It means being less outraged at a knee on football turf than at a knee on a man’s neck. And it means declaring that even though we may not agree on everything about race and American life, we can agree on some things, and we can unite where we agree.

Read this part again: It means being less outraged at a knee on football turf than at a knee on a man’s neck.

Who is less outraged at Floyd’s murder, David? What reality are you describing? You are so warped by your hatred of Trump that you can’t acknowledge the near universal condemnation of Floyd’s murder from all races, classes and political views. We were united until you decided to take that gallon of rainbow sherbet, stir in a spoonful of shit, and try to make us eat it.

And David’s self-serving The sleeper has awoken story — “Oh look at wonderful me as I was awakened by how my neighbors are behaving badly towards my adopted daughter. You know she’s from Ethiopia, right? I know I’ve said that before, I’ll say it again in five minutes, too. Ethiopia! Ethiopia!” — makes you feel sorry for the girl. Not just the bias and bigotry she has experienced but that, as far as I know, her family hasn’t moved to a different neighborhood. Maybe a more middle-class/working neighborhood where neighbors come in all colors and get to know one another and socialize based on shared interests and principles, not melanin, and have each other’s back.

There was the white woman who demanded that Naomi—the only black girl in our neighborhood pool—point out her parents, in spite of the fact that she was clearly wearing the colored bracelet showing she was permitted to swim.

Here’s a thought, David. Did you confront the woman? Did you protect your daughter? DID YOU PUT YOUR HOUSE UP FOR SALE THAT WEEK?

I could go on, and—sure—some of the incidents could have a benign explanation, but as they multiplied, and it was clear that Naomi’s experience was clearly different from her siblings, it became increasingly implausible that all the explanations were benign.

I know I wouldn’t have let any adult of any sex, size or melanin treat my kid that way and get away with it. So why have you, David?

Of course, any #NeverTrump faux conservative like David couldn’t let a lecture on Other Conservative Wypipo’s RAAAAACISM go without several paragraphs on horrible, terrible President Trump. See, he can’t really point to anything Trump has done or said that is raaaaacist so what he has to do is whip out the alt-right whackadoodles and attempt to tie Trump to them.

Hey David! Do you like drinking water? You know who also likes drinking water? HITLER!!! I suggest you don’t let Kristol embarrass you again by trying to run for President, m’kay? PS, remember that even Van Jones has been working with the White House on prison reform – quite the priority of the Black Lives Matter movement and yet you can’t even acknowledge that.

Keep it up, Karens and Davids. Be proud of the fact that you are helping Antifa destroy whatever good will and commitment to actual, real justice arose out of this tragedy.

I just don’t give a fig anymore.

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  • nomen nescio says:

    Human beings are every bit as tribal and territorial as our primate ancestors. Pretending otherwise is a grotesque affectation of bourgeois white Western leftists, which the affluence and success of the society our ancestors built up from nothing allows them to indulge.

    Worse, they are hypocrites. Just listen to some wokescold talking about HUHWITE people, the people in the world she hates the most, who are responsible for everything bad and deserve total merciless annihilation. At the risk of invoking Poe’s Law, these people sound an awful lot like a certain Central European politician of the early part of the last century when he got started in about the Jews.

    • suburbanbanshee says:

      Back when people could trust one another, the local (town) paper used to print cute pictures of international adoption kids and their new families, so that everyone knew who belonged to who.

      Meanwhile, in recent years, there have been lots of stories about watching out for young girls who don’t seem to be related to the men they are with, in case they are being trafficked or kidnapped by pedophiles. People at public recreation facilities were particularly warned about this.And

      But there is obviously no explanation but racism. Obviously.

  • Lance says:

    How come this crap never happens when I’m around? I’d have been all “Fuck off, you cunt.”

  • Paul Compton says:

    The correct answer to the ‘So you don’t believe black lives matter’ question.

    “Oh no, that’s not it at all. We’re going to follow you home and spray it on every outside wall of your house!

  • Thomas w Allan says:

    I almost feel sorry for these Karen’s who seem to live their lives in constant outrage. God they must be miserable.

    But I am not because they seek out to make others feel as bad as they do. I also would not have bothered to explain my self to these Karen’s either. Just keep on cleaning; make fun of her, laugh at her; that really gets them going.

  • Karens? How mean, how utterly mean!! One of the sweetest women I know is a Karen. English already has a word for these people—scolds. Use it and quit saying Karens. It’s not cute. It’s not clever. Its not sophisticated.

    I’m starting to loath those who demean people for their name as much as I loathe the scolds themselves.

  • M says:

    Should have spray painted “BLM” on Karen’s car…be an ally and all.

  • Rick Caird says:

    I keep asking people who call Trump a racist to explain what he did that is an example of his racism. they have nothing to offer. It is really strange that for all of his life no one thought Trump was a racist, but once he began running for President, he was suddenly called a racist often enough that among the left is is a self evident truth.

  • GWB says:

    her family hasn’t moved to a different neighborhood
    Oh, please. He lives in the Acela Corridor. If he moved, he would have to maybe get a real job, instead of running his yap all day. He lives among the anointed, don’t you know.

    it was clear that Naomi’s experience was clearly different from her siblings,
    Why weren’t her siblings protecting her? Why didn’t they form a phalanx and tell the adults to lay off their sister? Obviously it’s because they inherited their racist white privilege from you, David. You should perform the knee-walk of shame and bow down before your daughter-of-color.

    Yes, that last bit is entirely snark. But it flows from his adoption of the intersectionalist bullcarp to try and shame Trump and those who would vote for him. (I stopped even reading French quite a while back, even while I was still reading National Review. He very often came across as arrogant and holier-than-thou.)

    • SFC D says:

      GWB, what you’re describing would be the definition of “A family”. Families defend each other, look out for each other, cover each other’s backs. What this… man… has done is adopt a little girl in order to show his “wokeness”. It’s virtue signalling with a human life instead of a sign or catchy bumper sticker.

      It’s the ultimate in white privilege.

  • Taylor says:

    The three young women shuold have replied – “Whatever you say Honky”.

  • Beb says:

    I love your writing style. God bless you.

  • Spike says:

    The girls are so innocent, they don’t know what Karen is talking about.

  • njc says:

    I think Glenn Reynolds has the right response: “SOD OFF, swampy!”

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