Dave Chappelle Gives Cancel Culture the Finger

Dave Chappelle Gives Cancel Culture the Finger

Dave Chappelle Gives Cancel Culture the Finger

Dave Chappelle has been chafing tender, lavender-scented labia with his brand of brash, irreverent, offensive comedy for a long time. But given the ever-blossoming social justice stupidity, Dave’s latest comedy special on Netflix appears to have tossed a sand grenade into the collective vaginas of the easily-offended.

I watched the stand-up special the other day, and I was literally howling with laughter! Dave pulled no punches and spared no feelings as he absolutely demolished everyone from Jussie Smollett to the cancel culture.

Well, the cancel culture is trying to bite back. Ineptly and arrogantly.

You can definitely skip Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special, advises whiny social justice zealot Taylor Hosking on Vice, who tells us on Twitter that she identifies as she/her (as if anyone really gives a shit) and is black/nuyorican, which I had to look up, because apparently you have to hold a degree in fucktard to be able to understand these people. “He chooses to blatantly ignore the historic criticism against his style of comedy and new loud-and-clear criticism from the trans community,” she squeals!

Well, no shit, Sherlock! You know why? Because his audiences love his brand of humor, and because he makes metric fucktons of money doing what he does – so much money, that he doesn’t have to genuflect in front of the hate-spewing, perpetually offended outrage culture. He’s just going to do what he does and spend his well-earned cash – or burn it, or swim in it like Scrooge McDuck – which his fans gladly pay to hear him excoriate the whining offendapotami.

Taylor Hosking’s lame attempt to sabotage Dave’s show didn’t work, so along came Shalewa Sharpe, arrogantly chiding Dave Chappelle for his sharp wit and intimating that somehow he’s too old and not woke, and therefore is trying to gain notoriety any way he can – by offending.

Shalewa Sharpe is supposedly a comedienne and she’s supposedly funny. She also considers herself “on the leading edge of progress.” I’ve never heard of her before, and frankly, given the fact that Her Illustrious Wokeness sees it fit to censure someone who is much more successful, prominent, and courageous than she is for having the balls to highlight just how preposterous the woke culture is, I think I’ll keep my money and not waste my time. But apparently she sees herself as distinguished enough to chide Dave on his craft that has brought him oodles of money, success, and acclaim over the years. Because someone that looks like Al Roker in bad drag surely is qualified to scold one of the most successful comedians out there today.

And then, there’s BuzzFeed which saw it fit to passively aggressively scold Dave for “victim-blaming” and for failure to include every aggrieved victim in his conciliatory tone. “He’s not a little boy,” writes some creature that bills itself as the “culture editor” (read: squawking, butthurt wokebanshee) for the site in an effort to upbraid Dave for doing exactly what he needs to do to keep his audiences coming back and paying for his wit and humor.

Screen capture: Rotten Tomatoes

And when all of these efforts were a massive fail, the wokesauri pulled critics out of their pockets. This is where it gets really hilarious, because when one compares the critics’ arrogant, supercilious reviews of Dave’s show with the audience assessments, it becomes clear as day why Dave Chappelle is a clear winner in this war. On one side, we have critics who are imperiously proclaiming Dave’s stand-up to be immature, homophobic, transphobic, inflammatory, and stale. On the other, we have thousands of people who spend money to be hilariously entertained by Dave and roar with laughter when he refers to Jussie Smollett as “Juicy Smulié,” jokes that the reason African-Americans kept silent about the incident was because “we understood that this nigga was clearly lying,” and refers to the LGBTQ community as the “Alphabet People.” And guess whose opinions Dave Chappelle values most! I can tell you it’s not the critics’, who probably don’t spend a dime on his shows!

Screen cap: Rotten Tomatoes

Meanwhile, the critics squealed in delight over Hannah Gadsby’s TV special last year in which she used the audience as a snot rag to wrench out her emotional mucus because she’s a pasty, jiggly, lonely and pathetic human. So a whiny, unattractive white female using her unfunny standup routine as an opportunity to heave her bulk onto a metaphorical psychiatrist’s couch and bitch about her life to the audience/psychotherapist is “uproariously funny,” according to the critics, but an irreverent black man giving the woke culture the finger and making his audience howl with laughter without consideration about whom he might or might not offend is “lacking in empathy” and engaging in “low bar” comedy.

Well, you can certainly see how much the audiences “love” Gadsby, who probably needs government subsidies just to be able to buy enough food to shove down her face on a daily basis. Color me surprised that people who pay to see someone make them laugh walk away underwhelmed when subjected to a mediocre Ted Talk about how humiliating self deprecating humor is and preaching about how badly behaved the universe is!

Yeah, OK. Listening to a woman who looks like Harry Potter grazed his way through the Golden Corral buffet for seven years complain about being so put upon because she looks the way she does (as if she doesn’t have a choice) is now considered “uproariously funny.”

I’ll stick with low-brow and hilarious, thanks.


Featured image: GabboT; Wikimedia commons, cropped; licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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  • Tony says:

    I will spend my money on Chappelle tickets Thank you. Even if i was given tickets to see Hannah Gadsby, i would only use them for toilet paper.

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