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Daniel in the lion’s den

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Daniel in the lion’s den

Daniel in the lion’s den

If you want to know what bravery looks like, this video shows you.

It’s almost hard to believe the response to this one lone Israeli flag and this one teenage boy carrying it. Thank God those police were there. That mob would have killed them if they hadn’t been; there’s no doubt in my mind of that. And they would’ve called themselves the victims in the situation, too, just like the Gaza “freedom flotilla”.

His name is Daniel Pereg.

A loud and angry mob of pro-Arab demonstrators outside the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles on Tuesday became even more enraged when one, lone Jewish high school student with a yarmulke and a large Israeli flag marched fearlessly alongside them.

The young man, whose name was later learned to be Daniel Pereg, seemed to be unmoved by the angry curses hurled at him by the American-Arab crowd. Though protected by a line of policemen, it appeared he could be attacked at any moment.

Reporters asked him afterwards about his unusual presence, and he explained, “I came out because I want to defend Israel… They [the soldiers attempting to divert the flotilla ships – ed.] were attacked, and they had the right to defend [themselves]. These people [on the boats] were not humanitarians; their ship was armed with knives, batons, and all kinds of things to attack the Israelis with. There is a naval blockade on Gaza, and they [the soldiers] were just doing their job of enforcing it… Hamas is a terrorist organization trying to kill Israelis.”

Asked if he is affiliated with any group, he said, “Just Judaism and Israel, that’s it.”

Asked how he knows that the ship was filled with arms, Daniel said, “I know from the news; I’m an informed person.”

This contrasted with the Arab-Americans who appear at the end of the video. One girl said that a Palestinian state alongside Israel would not satisfy her, as “there should not be an Israeli state! The Israeli state does not even exist!”

Another Arab-speaking American explained, “The only reason Israel is doing this is because they got kicked out from, uh, the German whatever, whatever happened to them. So they’re trying to take out their anger on someone else.” Asked about the Bible and the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel since the times of King Solomon, he lowered his voice and said, “I don’t know about that.”

I especially like how Jews can supposedly live in Palestine and everything would be OK, according to the girl at the end of the video. After all of the violence Palestinians have waged against the Jews, I’m sure they’ll let Jews live in Palestine peacefully… peacefully, of course, meaning the peace you get after you’re dead. Israel cannot win in this situation no matter what they do, and they’ll never please everyone. So they need to just keep doing what they’re doing and defend their country and their people, and just ignore what’s said about them. They know the truth. And so do the naysayers.

As for this kid Daniel, God bless him. It takes a lot of courage and conviction to stand tall against a mob like that.

Hat Tip: Sister Toldjah

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  • Marty says:

    Great post Cassie, this kind of calm courage is refreshing to see. I for one would be proud to stand alongside that young man.

  • Lazlo says:

    That the very idea of Israel inspires such bravery shows why Israel will never be destroyed.

  • Pug Mahon says:

    God bless Daniel. God bless the couple who came to his aid. God bless the police.

    Lord, I am chilled to the bone. we are heading for very, very dark times. Wake up, America.

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