Could you survive a zombie apocalypse?

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Could you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Apparently, I have a pretty good chance:


I think I lost points on a few questions about whether or not I’d try to save my loved ones and/or the group I was with, or just leave them and save myself.

Could you survive?

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  • Texas Truth says:

    Cassy: I had a 58% chance of surviving. I also probably lost points on the the same questions as you.

    Oh well, I would tell the zombies to bring it on. After all, it is common knowledge that all of us TEXANS carry guns in our cars.

  • Anonymous says:

    47%! Thank god I have guns!

  • Toa says:

    I came out at 47%- possibly due to the questions about weapons. Kind of fun to think about, especially after going through various Resident Evil games hundreds of times…MOOHOHOhohohahahahaaaaah!!!!!

    Why do I susprct our hostess of being an R. E. fan??

  • Angry White Guy says:


    Don’t worry folks. So long as you ain’t too slow, I’ll look out for ya… 😉

  • Gredd says:

    Meh, I scored pretty low (~35%). I’m more of a take-as-many-with-me-as-I-can kind of guy. I head straight for walmart and go out in a blaze of man-made hellfire (all while snacking on some Twizzlers. Yum!).

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