code stink

code stink

you know how much i love to blog about code pink.   *sniff*

like any other group, communists and socialists come in a lot of shapes, sizes and colors.  this time they’re wearing pink, they’re on the nightly news, and more than anything they want the mothers and grandmothers of America to identify with them.

if you didn’t know any better you’d think the leaders of the women’s anti-war group code pink got lost on their way to the carpool lane.  for months now, these hot pink-clad “marching moms” have held the city of berkley, california and the marine recruitment center there hostage — spinning tales to reporters from coast to coast about how concern for their own families moved them to trade in their oven mitts and mini vans for placards and bad fashion to take to the streets in protest of an “unjust war on Iraq”.   *eyeroll*

well this past weekend, code pink got pink’d er, i mean punk’d when Beverly Perlson and the awesome Band of Mothers crashed an annual code pink dinner.  sweet!  and of course, the ever “sincere” code pink marxist founder Medea Benjamin just did not appreciate it.   *cough*

Bev Perlson had a few words with Medea Benjamin, via the Herald News who reported on the event:

“I wanted to say hello to you and move you a bit toward dialogue,” Benjamin said to Beverly Perlson, who came from the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn, Ill., to protest the event. Perlson said her son has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan four times.

“I have a message for you, Medea, get out of our country,” said Perlson, who carried a sign that said “The original Medea murdered her own children, Medea Benjamin is murdering ours” — a reference to the character from Greek drama.

and of course i also have a message for Medea:

h/t photos from zombie

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