The editor of the Buffalo Beast responds

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The editor of the Buffalo Beast responds

Remember Ian Murphy, the shithead who had such horrible things to say about our troops? You know, this stuff:

So, 4000 rubes are dead. Cry me the Tigris. Another 30,000 have been seriously wounded. Boo fucking hoo. They got what they asked for—and cool robotic limbs, too.

Likely, just reading the above paragraph made you uncomfortable. But why?

The benevolence of America’s “troops” is sacrosanct. Questioning their rectitude simply isn’t done. It’s the forbidden zone. We may rail against this tragic war, but our soldiers are lauded by all as saints. Why? They volunteered to partake in this savage idiocy, and for this they deserve our utmost respect? I think not.

The nearly two-thirds of us who know this war is bullshit need to stop sucking off the troops. They get enough action raping female soldiers and sodomizing Iraqi detainees. The political left is intent on “supporting” the troops by bringing them home, which is a good thing. But after rightly denouncing the administration’s lies and condemning this awful war, relatively sensible pundits—like Keith Olbermann—turn around and lovingly praise the soldiers’ brave service to the country.

Ian writes for a lovely rag called the Buffalo Beast. I opened my e-mail today and saw the following comment submitted for approval at Wizbang by the Beast’s editor, Paul Fallon:

Just so none of you feel you got the wrong dude, the guy in the photo thatMac Lorry posted, is me but the phone number is wrong, so if you call that# you’ll be harassing the wrong person. I am the publisher of The Beast. Idon’t hide behind screen names like most of you pussies. The dumbmotherfuckers in this country have no conception of how close they are tobecoming the next Gestapo or Hitler youth. Then I suppose the Nazissupported the troops too. If you want to kick my ass drop me an email. Iwas in the military but I was a medic so maybe I’m not so tough. That virusshit is bogus. Watch for a counter-attack soon.

He’s referring to one of Wizbang’s commenters, Mac Lorry, who published contact information from the Beast’s public domain.

Of course, he goes straight for the liberal talking point of how we’re THISCLOSE to being herded like cattle into railcars headed straight for concentration camps, all for disagreeing with Chimpy McHitlerburton!! Apparently, if you support the troops, that makes you a Nazi!!

Gee, that’s an insult conservatives have never heard. Do liberal have no imagination, no creativity? Sheesh.

Whether or not the virus part is true, the “counter-attack” threat is interesting. What, pray tell, could he have planned for us?? I’ll be busy shivering in my socks and pajamas. In the meantime, someone let me know when this douche comes up with an original idea. I won’t hold my breath.

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  • mkfreeberg says:

    Mmmm, Cassy in socks and pajamas.

    Now where was I? Ah yes. We’re on the brink of becoming just like Hitler Youth. So we’d better start liking what Paul Fallon tells us to like and hating what Paul Fallon tells us to hate. Anytime we’re not sure about it, ask Paul Fallon and he’ll tell us what to think. That way we won’t be like Hitler youth.

    Irony, thy name is moonbat.

  • Angry White Guy says:

    I like how they miss the fact that were this indeed a police state, they would be shot for the things they say that are anti-gov’t…

  • Pat in Michigan says:

    ain’t it the truth, the dude is an asshole…

  • Charles says:

    This guy has BDS pretty bad; there has to be an awful lot of hate in you to write something like that.

    But the left has always resented the military. They’ll never see the military as heroes, just “rubes” as this guy says. They just usually don’t write things quite so callous because they want to seem polite and respectful, but the only way they see the military is as a criminal welfare home.

    They will never understand the patriotism that causes people to serve because they are too busy apologizing to the rest of the world for being American to feel it.

  • LC Scotty says:

    I’m fairly certain that Fallon is a local attorney. It’s refreshing to see a guy with a graduate degree in arguing really putting a great sentence together, is it not?

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