Cockroaches For Resistance And Solidarity At UCal Oakland

Cockroaches For Resistance And Solidarity At UCal Oakland

Cockroaches For Resistance And Solidarity At UCal Oakland

Ever so clever anarchists released cockroaches into an office at the University of California for resistance and solidarity with Palestine. Clearly, these weren’t your garden variety anarchists. They were special anarchists. These were “anti-colonial” anarchists and Communists. It wasn’t just any office at the University of California in Oakland. It was the office of the President Michael V. Drake. EUwwwww!

Can you imagine President Michael Drake going into that office EVER AGAIN. My skin crawls just thinking about it.

We really shouldn’t be surprised by these “anti-colonial anarchists and Communists” glomming on to these latest riotous efforts. Democratic Socialists of America jumped on to the anti-Israel screeching the day after the October 7, 2023 massacre by Hamas. Intersectionality is strength in numbers.

Here are the details of this attack: from the Free Beacon:

A group of self-described “anti-colonial anarchists and communists” took responsibility for a destructive break-in at the University of California’s administrative offices in Oakland, calling the move an act of “solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance.”

The anonymous authors of a statement released Monday night claimed credit for smashing 7 windows, spraying red paint all over the office, and releasing “500 cockroaches” inside the office of university president Michael V. Drake. The statement was attributed to “sacred black and red,” a reference to the colors of the anarchist flag.

Oh, it’s “sacred black and red” in the anarchist flag. Isn’t it kind of “courtly” and “orderly” to have “sacred” colors? The opposite of anarchy. Speaking of which, the human cockroaches who perpetrated the destruction also released a statement, bless their hearts:

“With the Aurora Borealis above us and the martyrs in our hearts, we attacked the UC Office of the President in solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance,” the statement said. “As anti-colonial anarchists and communists we offer this act of material and spiritual solidarity with the hopes of shattering the illusion that resistance is limited to a single site.” The statement was published on IndyBay, a site that routinely publishes communiqués from far-left anarchists.

“With the Aurora Borealis above us and the martyrs in our hearts”…? I got it. This group is led by twelve year old girls. But wait, there’s more:

Monday evening’s anonymous statement argued that pushing universities to divest from Israel isn’t enough, adding that protesters should focus on “resource expropriation and fucking [universities] up irreparably.”

“The University of California is nothing more than a settler colonial project … where knowledge is produced and captured by the State to only dig its claws deeper into the flesh of Indigenous lands here and abroad,” the anarchists said in their statement. “The University does not simply fund Israel, it creates Israel, and launches this white-colony into the post-modern Empire.”

The Indigenous people that the White settlers defeated were only the people that defeated the Indigenous people who were there before. That was/is the way of the world. I praise colonialism. And, while some of it was ignorant and deadly, where would we be without it. From Ricochet:

The existing leftist social environment backed by political organizations, academia, and media is for white men, especially Europeans, to be eternally responsible for their colonial and imperial past. I consider white guilt to be one the most dangerous mentalities poisoning the western world.

Western civilization has done a world of good in human history. Western culture has given us Bernini, Mozart, Montesquieu, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, and Newton. The western world has given us individual liberty, freedom of expression, a culture of human rights, and the rule of law. It has given us electricity, clean water, airplanes, computers, medicines, and automobiles. The west has given the world modernity.

You want this?

In praise of “settler colonialism” and “shove off” you Anarchists:

Listen you Cockroach Anarchists. Take your cockroaches and bugger off. You are ignorant and wrong. And, yes I oppose human sacrifice. The land of Israel has always belong to the Jews.

Featured Image: Lennart Takanen/ Commons

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  • GWB says:

    calling the move an act of “solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance.
    Cockroaches… in solidarity with Hamas? I can definitely see that….

    BTW, “in solidarity with the terrorists” is declaring yourself an ally at war with Israel. And since you’re attacking the US, you’re broadening the war to here. Which makes you traitors – committing acts of war against the US. I’m perfectly OK with that statement. IMO it makes you vulnerable to any citizen taking action against you.

    You jerks wanna see an “insurrection”? Look at it – right here!

    The land of Israel has always belong to the Jews.
    Well, it has belonged to them since it was given to Abram, and they have possessed it since the time of Joshua.That isn’t forever, but it IS a really long time.

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