CNN’s April Ryan Called Liar At Politicon 2019

CNN’s April Ryan Called Liar At Politicon 2019

CNN’s April Ryan Called Liar At Politicon 2019

CNN’s April Ryan appeared at Politicon 2019 in Nashville this weekend. Politicon bills itself as an “unconventional political convention”. There are a oodles of marquee names who were scheduled to appear. So even though I never heard of it before, I guess it’s a huge thing. The biggest news, for me, coming out of this spectacle is that Miss Ryan got called a liar.

Last we saw April Ryan, she was having a reporter tossed out of a forum for having the temerity to film her. On CNN, Miss Ryan is famous for her hatred of Donald Trump. She believes that Mr. Trump delights in insulting people of color. The woman is a walking sunburn. Touch with a cotton swab and she screams.

This brings us to Politcon 2019. Fox News reported on the contretemps which led to April Ryan being called a liar. As a matter of fact, Brendan Straka, founder of the #WalkAway movement, called her the “biggest liar in the room”. The panel for this session included some former MSNBC contributor named Toure (with an accent aigu), a black conservative named Jimmy James, Ryan, author Malcolm Nance, and “Above the Law” executive director Elie Mystal. That seems like one potent Molotov cocktail. From the article:

At one point, Mystal argued that Trump and the “MAGA” hat allowed people to identify openly as bigots in a way that the Ku Klux Klan hood didn’t.

“They are self-identifying for you who they are and what they are about,” he said. Before that comment, he claimed that President Trump gave people “license” to self-identify with racism, bigotry and misogyny.

That flew in the face of what Jimmy James, a black Trump supporter who was wearing a “MAGA” hat, said he believed. After the moderator, former MSNBC host Touré, ended the session, James spoke up and challenged the panelists who remained on the stage — Touré, Ryan, Mystal and author Malcolm Nance.

Next up, Brandon Straka in the audience for the question and answer period. He got shouted down before he got started by April Ryan:

What is April’s response to being called the biggest liar in the room? She claims her middle name is “truth”. Actually, her middle name is Danielle. And, she says “You don’t want this.” to Straka. What is she going to do take off her shoes and throw down? I wish.

April Ryan called for the firing of Sarah Sanders for lying. Sarah Sanders seems to be one of the more honest people to ever grace the Communication Office at the White House.

Miss Ryan worships at the altar of Our Lady of the Perpetually Offended. She cannot stand to be gainsaid. She is a bully and she lies. At long last, Brendan Straka stood up and called her out.

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