#CNNDebate: Recap, Highlights and The President Who Didn’t Watch

#CNNDebate: Recap, Highlights and The President Who Didn’t Watch

#CNNDebate: Recap, Highlights and The President Who Didn’t Watch

Just days ago, President Obama stated that he did not watch the first GOP debate and did not plan to watch the second. When pressed for a reason, Press Secretary Josh Earnest responded simply with a “he has better things to do.”

One of those “better things” was attending the quarterly Business Roundtable in D.C. at which he addressed leaders from America’s top corporations. Obama, interestingly enough, was not using his usual apologizing for our country racket this time around. Rather, he was on the pro-American side today encouraging business leaders that the economy is solid, strong and to not listen to the “perennial doom and gloom”:

“There’s nothing particularly patriotic or American about talking down America—especially when we stand as one of the few sources of economic strength in the world. In the echo chamber that is presidential politics, everything is dark and everything is terrible. They don’t seem to offer many solutions for the disasters that they perceive but they’re quick to tell you who to blame. Despite the perennial doom and gloom that I guess is inevitably a part of a presidential campaign, America is winning right now. America is great right now.”-Barack Obama

America is great right now? Yes, Mr. President, we see what you did there. As far as winning goes, I’m no Debbie Downer or Susie Sunshine but personally, I think we are far from winning right now. And, as far as perceived disasters and pointing fingers go Mr. President, you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?

Here’s the deal. Obama wants individuals, especially those who may be on the fence about whether to vote for a Republican or a Democrat in 2016 to think that the GOP is all about the “doom and gloom” and calling out the problems while not offering solutions to fix them. This sham gives him and those who support his agendas the ability to provide a smokescreen for the undecided, for the easily swayed. He’s not a stupid man; he is smart enough with just enough of a dash of crazy to understand manipulation tactics and to execute them with the utmost finesse.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical of tonight’s debate as it commenced. Trump attacks Paul right out the gate. There were the questions that were seemingly prodding the hopefuls for an encore presentation of the knock-down, drag-out spectacle that the first debate provided in early August . But rather than focus on the negatives, which is exactly what our current Commander In Chief wants the American people to do, let’s take a few moments to focus on the positives of tonight’s Prime Time debate on CNN.

The debate, moderated by Jake Tapper, Hugh Hewitt and Dana Bash touched on current events such as Iran, Russia, China, refugees, Planned Parenthood, law enforcement and immigration, the economy, climate change and national security. Some of the memorable quotes of the night; some inspirational, some just downright entertaining:

“I haven’t been there (The White House) in the last seven years. If I did, I’d probably need a food tester.”-Ben Carson

“I will get along–I think–with Putin”-Donald Trump

Perhaps the best response of the night, in my opinion, was Carly Fiorina’s response to how the world would look different when she left office:

“I think what this nation can be symbolized by Lady Liberty and Lady Justice. Lady Liberty stands tall and strong. She is clear eyed and resolute. She doesn’t shield her eyes from the realities of the world, but she faces outward into the world nevertheless as we always must, and she holds her torch high. Because she knows she is a beacon of hope in a very troubled world. And Lady Justice. Lady Justice holds a sword by her side because she is a fighter, a warrior for the values and the principles that have made this nation great. She holds a scale in her other hand, and with that scale she says all of us are equal in the eyes of God. And so all of us must be equal in the eyes of the government, powerful and powerless alike. And she wears a blindfold. And with that blindfold she is saying to us that it must be true, it can be true, that in this country in this century it doesn’t matter how you are, it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter how you start, and it doesn’t matter your circumstances. Here in this nation, every American’s life must be filled with the possibilities that come from their God given gifts, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”-Carly Fiorina

While some may feel this response was canned, I think Fiorina is intuitively onto what some Americans are looking for in 2016. Fiorina’s choice of words to describe Lady Liberty and Lady Justice is impeccable: tall, strong, clear-eyed and resolute. Hope in the face of trouble. Values, principles, equality, truth. Was Fiorina unpatriotic? Was she talking down America as our Commander in Chief claimed the GOP was attempting to do? Was she pointing any fingers? Was she all doom and gloom? No, Mr. President. She wasn’t. But you wouldn’t know because you were “too busy” to watch a debate so critical to this country you (pretend to) love. It’s okay, you and Michelle will be moving out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2016, anyway. The countdown is on. #417Days.

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