Cliven Bundy and Racism: Propaganda and Truth (FULL VIDEO)

Cliven Bundy and Racism: Propaganda and Truth (FULL VIDEO)

The internet is awash with talk of Nevada rancher Clive Bundy’s remarks yesterday in which he made remarks that were viewed as racist.  Liberals are gleeful with their “I told you so” mantra but that’s to be expected.  Conservatives, however, are also jumping on the bandwagon, acting as if their spouse got caught in a brothel.  They’re betrayed and hurt and suddenly they can’t get away fast enough.  Even Rand Paul “denounced” the remarks, and other conservatives are doing the same.  Even more pathetic are the conservatives who are wagging their fingers at his supporters, acting as if they were somehow prescient in refusing to support him from the get-go.

There’s only one problem: The New York Times edited their video of Bundy’s remarks, in an effort to make him sound racist.  Take a look.  Here’s the full version of what Bundy actually said:

Suddenly it seems a lot different than what was portrayed.  Context is an interesting thing, isn’t it?

I saw a lot of demonizing going on yesterday, and most of it came from conservatives.  He’s a public figure now, they said.  He has to watch what he says.  He has an obligation to the public, others said.  He’s not the right person for this fight, said still others.

Here’s some hard truth: That’s all a load of crap.

First of all, Bundy suddenly being in the spotlight doesn’t mean he should suddenly change his way of speaking.  He’s a rancher, not a public spokesperson.  He’s not going to change his 50+ years of speaking mannerisms because everyone’s staring at him.  Quite frankly, if he did, he’d lose a lot more credibility from people like me, because it would mean that he’s a chameleon who says whatever is necessary when the cameras are on him.  To tell someone that he now has to “watch what he says” is to buy into the idea that free speech is only free when it is approved by the politically correct masses—and for conservatives to be on that bandwagon is a travesty.

Secondly, Bundy doesn’t have an obligation to anyone except himself and his family.  The Americans who went down there did so without knowing Bundy, without a care for whether he was silver-tongued or not, because it’s not about him.  Here’s another piece of truth for you: It does not matter if he was a member of the KKK in his off time (which he’s not): his rights are being violated by an out of control Federal government.  THAT is the story.  THAT is the problem.  The rest of this is just distraction, and shame on those of you who allowed yourself to be led by the nose off to a different pasture.

The idea that he’s “not the right person for this fight” is ludicrous.  As others have mentioned on social media this week, conservatives are missing the point.  Everyone has secrets.  Every single one of us has something that would make us pariahs in the public’s eye if it were exposed.  If we didn’t, the government would have no point in collecting all of our data for leverage.  We don’t get to choose our fights every time—especially now.  There is no perfect hero, and Cliven Bundy never wanted to be a hero anyway.  He’s just a regular guy, who lives in a rough-and-tumble environment, who speaks plainly and doesn’t ‘say the right things’.

The real question is this: Are YOU the right person for the fight?

If the federal government was stepping all over you, if they were camped outside your doorstep with all military force, would you want others to step up and help you?  Or would you prefer that they first do a background check on you?  If you went in front of a camera and said somethingtaken out of context or something that the Left jumped on to demonize you with, would you expect and approve of everyone assuming the worst and pulling their support?

One more thing: don’t you think the media has already dug into this man’s life to the nth degree?  Don’t you think that if they had found something (an out of wedlock child, past drug use, etc.) that it would have been blasted all over the place?  If they could have found a single embarrassing thing in that man’s past, you can bet it would be front page news.  The fact that nothing has been reported is only because they couldn’t find a single thing to embarrass him with.  Could you say the same?

If you can stand there in your self-righteousness and say that you’ve never been taken out of context, or that your past would stand up against a media firestorm, then go ahead and demonize Cliven Bundy based on an edited snippet.  If your entire life being laid open—every decision, every email, every private conversation, every credit card purchase—would still make you come up smelling like roses, then go for it. Jump on the propaganda train and pull your support.  But if you’re honest with yourself, if you claim to think for yourself, if you value truth at all, then step back and think about what you’re doing.  You’re buying into the myth of political correctness.  You’re saying that it doesn’t matter what the federal government is doing to an American citizen because he’s been branded a racist by a smear campaign done by one of the most liberal, unfair and unethical publications in the country.  The same publication, mind you, that I’ve seen countless of you denounce as being a piece of trash rag that wouldn’t know honest reporting if its life depended on it.  And now you’re the same conservatives acting like the NYT is some bastion of honesty, and you’re taking this crap at face value.  It’s disgusting, and it’s pathetic, and quite frankly, I’m ashamed to see it.

Bundy didn’t give the Left ammo.  If you bought into this smear campaign, you did.

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  • Bundy didn’t give the Left ammo. If you bought into this smear campaign, you did.

    THIS. I spent too long yesterday with someone on “our” side who thought it completely beyond the pale to draw a comparison between physical slavery and the economic and spiritual slavery practiced today by the government. This person, who normally exhibits a great deal of clarity was incensed beyond words and felt that the entire Tea Party movement had been tarnished beyond redemption by this, forgetting that the perpetually aggrieved among us will ALWAYS be perpetually aggrieved, and already see “RACISM!!!11!!!” everywhere, whether it’s in their corn flakes in the morning, the PB&J in their children’s lunches, or in inarticulate, but honest remarks about the state of affairs in today’s America.

    Succumbing to this knee jerk reactivity to such truth is why Daddy drinks, we can’t have nice things, and “our” elected officials keep compromising principles with people who HATE US.

  • Pamela Smith says:

    LOVE this! I’m reminded of how the media, looking to derail Mitt Romney, could find NOTHING even near questionable about this upstanding devoted family man, and so had to reach back 30 years to a family vacation when the dog’s crate had been secured on top of the car, and back 45 years to a high school brawl. Thus, in today’s vernacular, Romney became synonymous with “animal abuser” and “anti-gay hater”. It absolutely boggles the mind!! No different than Cliven Bundy today. I suspect that the pen will always be mightier than the sword.

  • OldSoldier54 says:

    I’m still of the opinion that Mr. Bundy screwed up. It was a poor choice of topic to illustrate our out-of-control government. The Lame Stream Media isn’t objective or honest? Tell me something I don’t know. Plain spoken Mr. Bundy either didn’t know that, or didn’t care if his words were twisted. It’s past time that we all understand that the MSM is a bunch of Pravda wannabes. There doing to him the same thing they did to Sarah Palin, and it’s just as wrong.

    I’m sick of PC crap, too, but that’s the society we live in, so we must play the cards we are dealt. That requires WISDOM. Give the enemy no opportunity.

    Until it’s time to lock-and-load, I don’t see that changing.

  • Xavier says:

    I wish I had words to express the contempt I have for the media, and in particular the liberal media. Their manipulation of facts to make the story fit their agenda is absolutely shameless. Did they really think their lies wouldn’t be exposed? Of course not – their sensationalistic reporting will stay with their audience. Any correction or retraction will be quietly hidden in small type; few will notice, none will care.

    My question is: when are these lying scumbags going to be held accountable? I don’t mean by firing a producer or intern they claim was responsible for the story. I mean, as an organization, shouldn’t the NYT be held fully accountable for running this story? Even if Bundy doesn’t sue, shouldn’t the NYT (and NBC, and ABC, and all the other lying scumbag “news” services) be responsible for the veracity of stories they produce?

    • OldSoldier54 says:

      “… shouldn’t the NYT (and NBC, and ABC, and all the other lying scumbag “news” services) be responsible for the veracity of stories they produce?”

      One would think so, but then far, FAR too many people think they’re doing just fine.

  • Xavier says:

    Also: I’m reminded in several ways of the liberal reaction to the Zimmerman case. NBC edited the 911 call tapes to make Zimmerman sound racist, and later when Zimmerman had a speeding ticket and domestic trouble, they crowed “so how about your boy Z now, Conservatives?”

    Both responses were very telling. First, as you may be aware, (sarc alert) liberals sometimes use racism as a distraction when their arguments are weak. Second, they mistakenly thought we personalized issues through people, as they do. Liberals raise their leaders to god-like status, then contort the facts to justify their continued belief in that person. Conservatives address issues, and support people involved with them as long as it’s related to the issue – but as soon as that person does something foolish, Conservatives will condemn them.

    The media recognizes that Conservatives aren’t invested in their leaders the way liberals are, and uses that against us. They know many will abandon support for Bundy if they can convince us he’s a racist. Who else could their story have been for? Not big government liberals, who had already labeled Bundy a terrorist. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to learn the idea for painting Bundy as a racist came directly from the White House – after all, between the Obamas, Holder, and Jarrett, you probably have 50% of the entire racism that exists in the country.

    • Jodi says:

      Bingo ^^^

    • OldSoldier54 says:

      “… after all, between the Obamas, Holder, and Jarrett, you probably have 50% of the entire racism that exists in the country.”

      Now, now, Brother. Leave us not exaggerate so … surely they account for only 40%, while Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam account for another 40-50%, leaving the final 10-20% for the rest of the US population. 🙂

      • Xavier says:

        We forgot Oprah and Rev. Al – we’re going to have to use liberal math and go > 100% to get accurate numbers.

  • Jo McIntyre says:

    Soooo glad to see your thoughts here! Found out about you on The Conservative Treehouse from another of your fans. Thank G-d for the Internet – long may it be free!

  • Jessica says:

    Humble people do not need praise or people to love them. They speak the truth. They speak it with honesty and love. That is all that I heard from his complete interview. If anyone has ever spent time with simple people who make a living with their hands then you might understand his remarks about peaceful, family oriented farm life. His words are not correct, they are not polished but they are honest. Honesty is dangerous for politicians.

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