chris matthews calls west point ‘the enemy camp’

chris matthews calls west point ‘the enemy camp’

chris matthews calls west point ‘the enemy camp’

so tonight in his ‘commentary’ of The One’s speech on Afghanistan, chris matthews called west point “the enemy camp”. why is this maroon still on tv?

chris matthews lost all objectivity with that ‘first tingle’. here’s the video:

oh and chrissy? where is the public apology? un.stinking.believable.

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  • David says:

    Ya, I was switching from Conservative TV to Liberal TV and happen to catch that very video bit LIVE by coincidence. What a maroon. Matthews is just a train wreck. He’s all over the place and just a hack. His ‘observations’, comments, positions, etc. are often mind-numbingly inappropriate, over-the-top, out-of-left-field or just plain dumb or inaccurate. It’s quite sad, really.

  • Ken says:

    Not very surprising. The left has always considered the military “the enemy”. Little Chrissy is just expressing the view that most liberals have.

    Yet they can’t figure out why we’re so afraid to have them in charge…..stunning.

  • Mike Doss USAF(r) says:

    It was President Obama he was talking about?
    He is VP1, Commander in Chief, where else is more
    appropriate, MSNBC? I thought the enemy camps
    had OBL and the Taliban in them not future US
    Officers who will lead and may die in this war.
    MSNBC needs get focus on who wants to kill us.
    Words like Enemy mean things.

  • David says:

    You’re right, Mike D. But idiots like Matthews are just out of control wackos who don’t think passed their nose.

  • David says:

    I mean, “past”.

  • micky says:

    Of course the men and women in the crowd appeared like the enemy Chris !
    After seeing this schmuck in action they’re all scared to death of being under this guys command !
    I guarantee you not half of those men and women wanted to be there !

  • Donna says:

    Chris, Rachel and Keith…..ratings in the toilet and they think we care what they think? Crash and burn you lefty morons…

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