Choosing neither evil

Choosing neither evil

Choosing neither evil

Choosing a candidate for any office whether local or state or federal can be a matter of choosing the least worst. Our 2016 choices for president frankly are the worst of the worst from the Democrat and Republican parties. And once again there is truly no decent answer to the question: What is the difference?

Leaving aside the many many issues of basic morality for this gruesome twosome, John Kass from the Chicago Tribune did a wonderful job of explaining where we are at here:

The blame game is all about noise. It’s about self-preservation, about insiders and their toadies keeping their posts secure, their access to power operational. It is the way of all chattering classes in an empire. These aren’t the revolutionaries who are shot after the revolution is over. These are the ones who make moves and prosper. They live in Virginia and Maryland, or Georgetown. And they have much to lose.

And this ladies and gentlemen was what the Tea Party was supposed to go after and in some local instances succeeded.  However the unfettered rage of the Tea Party was like a large wildfire, burning everything and everyone in its path.  Sadly this rage brought us Trump.

What should terrify them is that we’re at the beginning of a political reformation, amid clear signs that the corrupt political establishment of both parties — that gooey, crony-capitalist center — is imploding.

Sadly at this moment in time we are choosing between two stone cold liars from the dominant parties:

While the Donald can be a wild-eyed cartoon fibber, pulling fantasies together from the air, Hillary serves her deceit cold, her mouth pursed, eyes flat, as she did in West Virginia the other day.

Trump discussing abortion is a perfect example of his wild eyed fibbing.  Slate said this:

In March, Donald Trump (who claims he is now solidly pro-life despite his pro-choice history) was being interviewed by Chris Matthews when Matthews pressed him on whether women who obtain abortions should be punished if abortions are widely recriminalized. (Trump says he thinks abortion should be illegal in most circumstances.) Trump said yes, an answer that was so vastly unpopular (on both sides of the aisle) that he immediately claimed it wasn’t what he meant.

Incoherent babbling and bloviating is the best Trump can do.  My choice is to do as Spurgeon said  “Of two evils choose neither.”

of two evils

In 1984 I walked precincts for Reagan.  In 1988 and 1992 I supported (reluctantly) GHW Bush.  In 1996 I reluctantly supported Dole.  In 2000 and 2004 I supported GW Bush 2008, I bent and supported McCain and whatshername.  In 2012 I canvassed for Romney.  In 2016, I am voting for the first time for none of the above.  Choosing to vote for neither Trump or Hillary is the right thing to do for me and my conscience.  #NeverTrump, #NeverHillary.

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