Chelsea Manning’s Veterans Day Message Fails to Inspire. Bigly. [VIDEO]

Chelsea Manning’s Veterans Day Message Fails to Inspire. Bigly. [VIDEO]

Chelsea Manning’s Veterans Day Message Fails to Inspire. Bigly. [VIDEO]

Chelsea Manning thinks he (yes, let’s use “he”) is a legend — yeah, in his own mind. After all, he fancies himself a sort of one-person Justice League, fighting The Man to right the wrongs of the nation.

On top of that, he insists that he’s not a traitor.

So on Veterans Day, the self-righteous Manning decided it would be a good day to tell lawmakers to stop sending soldiers overseas for “nationalist fairy tails.”

And he used cutesy little rainbow and heart emojis to make his point. After all, symbols used by prepubescent girls are a surefire way to establish credibility, right?

I’m sure Manning thinks he’s some sort of paragon of virtue, especially after Thursday, when Out100 named him “Newsmaker of the Year.”

Needless to say, actual military vets weren’t very happy with Manning’s Veterans Day message. In fact, they were quite blunt:

On the other hand, this guy was quite eloquent:

Townhall pundit and retired Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter zinged Manning with this:

Finally, here’s furious condemnation from a woman who lost a cousin in Iraq:

Unfortunately, the traitorous creature known as Chelsea Manning won’t get the hint. Instead, he’ll revel in adulation from the Left and think he has some sort of moral authority to lecture the country on “nationalist fairy tales.”

Yeah, but the only “fairy tale” is the delusion in Manning’s swelled head in which he thinks his opinion matters. Moreover, real American heroes don’t give a shit about Manning’s brain droppings. And neither do we.

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  • ejism says:

    I can see why Manning declared himself a female. Obviously not much of a man. Unfortunately for women, he won’t be much of a representative of the fairer sex either. He is simply a freak and a coward.

  • Cameron says:

    Five seconds of listening to his voice and I can see that he should have been beaten harder by his parents.

    • the egyptian says:

      Chelsea Manning is an it, man parts flooded with female hormones, several weeks without meds and presto, all hairy male again, (if he ever had any chest hair to begin with) in other words a confused drug addict

  • bour3 says:

    fairy tails, fairy tales, eh, same thing.

  • Scott says:

    Next time, please post a spew alert! That bag of shit just needs to crawl in a hole with bergdahl and die!

  • Romey says:

    He should have stayed a Girl Scout, they rarely send them overseas.

  • GWB says:

    Criminy, that whole “antifa” look, with the Black Power fist… was that it’s Halloween gag? Because it honestly fails to convey anything but… well, “pathetic” is the best word I can come up with.

    stop sending us overseas

    What you mean, “us”, kemosabe? (If you think that’s racist, I’m sorry. Sorry that you have no sense of humor, and are a superficial [censored].)

    Oh, and Bradley, if you don’t want to partake of the “nationalist fairy-tale” then feel free to travel anywhere in the world, then tear up and dispose of your American passport. Let’s see how you deal with the real world (you know, one without all that nationalism that you deplore).

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