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Charlie Crist is a shameless idiot

Charlie Crist is a shameless idiot

Charlie Crist is a shameless idiot

What do you do when you’ve completely sold out all of your principles and received absolutely nothing in return? Well, you become even more entrenched in your hypocritical idiocy, and slander everything you once said you stood for. This is the route you take if you’re Charlie Crist, anyways.

Of course, everything Crist said in that ad was a complete lie. He used to love Sarah Palin. He once called himself a Reagan Republican. And he used to be pro-life. Hot Air has video evidence of all of this, proving (as if anyone had any doubt) that Charlie Crist is a man with no principles desperate to further his own career at any cost.

He was on Fox this morning making a fool out of himself as usual (hat tip to Cubachi for the video). My favorite part is when he gets asked, at 1:41, whether or not he would have switched to an independent bid had he defeated Marco Rubio in the primary. And he has no good answer for it, because we all kow — and Charlie Crist knows — that he wouldn’t have.

The more Charlie Crist talks, the more obvious it becomes that he’s nothing but a hypocritical, shameless opportunist with no principles. The man can’t even decide which party he’ll caucus with! He calls himself a fiscal conservative, yet he’s considering joining up with the party who is trying to socialize the country and spend us into the Stone Age? Yeah, that’s real fiscal conservatism. The truth is Charlie Crist doesn’t care at all about fiscal conservatism; he cares only about making sure that his own career gets furthered.

If he had been smart, he would have just conceded to Rubio and planned a Senate bid in 2012 against Bill Nelson. But because he’s a shameless opportunist, he didn’t do that, and in the process has very likely destroyed his entire political career. Where does he have to go from here? Nowhere, and frankly, that’s exactly what he deserves.

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  • Dave C says:

    Everything about the Tea Parties that I’ve seen has been about getting people more active and involved with politics.

    Well, if that’s extremism, then lets have more of it.

  • Agreed 100%. Charlie Crist is a disgrace. He is proving to be the ultimate “flip-flopper”, in essence trying to re-do the primary that saw him losing so badly he jumped ship to save face.

    Well, at least on Tuesday we’ll be rid of him.

  • I R A Darth Aggie says:

    Umm, Bill Nelson. Unless you think Charlie should move to Nebraska? I’m ok with that.

  • Steve says:

    Crist is so FoS that it’s unbelievable. I invite everyone to listen to Marco Rubio’s speech to CPAC in Feb, among his other speeches. (Click my name above and you can get the video on my Oct. 27 post, or you can go to youtube and search for Marco Rubio CPAC.

    If you listen to his 26-minute speech and don’t get choked up, then there is something wrong with you.

    If I lived in Fla, I’d be voting for Rubio.

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