CDC Begins To Ring Down Curtain On Mask Theater

CDC Begins To Ring Down Curtain On Mask Theater

CDC Begins To Ring Down Curtain On Mask  Theater

Call it the Theater of the Absurd. Or call it the outward symbol of the followers of Anthony the MotherFauci. But, it’s all starting to end. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) late Friday issued new guidance to end the indoor wearing of masks to prevent Covid-19. The CDC has begun to ring down the curtain on Mask Theater. Just in time for Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. What a coincidence! As I will show you later, it is a diabolical yet childish plan by the Democrats to claim victory.

Anthony the MotherFauci told us that masks didn’t work. Remember?

Then, he told us that masks did work but we only had to wear them until Mother’s Day, that was two years ago. There are those who cling bitterly to their masks, their outward symbol of fidelity to the faith and like Joy Behar they want to wear their masks in perpetuity. The news that the mask mandate is mostly over will not make them happy.

Here is how CNN reported the “news”:

Most people in the United States live in areas where those who are healthy do not need to wear masks indoors, according to new US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance — a sweeping change from what earlier Covid-19 metrics recommended.

New CDC metrics indicate that about 28% of people in the United States live in a county where they need to wear masks indoors. Previously, CDC pointed to levels of coronavirus transmission within communities as a key metric for restrictions and recommended that people in areas with high or substantial levels of transmission — about 99% of the population — should wear masks indoors.
Now, the CDC’s “Covid-19 community level” metrics are based on three pieces of data in a community: new Covid-19 hospitalizations, hospital capacity and new Covid-19 cases. The CDC’s website includes a list of US counties and their current Covid-19 levels.

The new guidelines are based on “metrics”. Sure, sure believe that if you wish. Dr. Rochelle Walensky even put out an authentic looking decision tree:

The cynical sentient beings among us (points finger to self) have been expecting this for months. We expected it after Biden got Americans killed in Afghanistan. We expected it when inflation went to a 40 year high. Now, Biden has another foreign policy eff up and the State of the Union Address is next week, so let’s go all sciencey and ease up on the mask mandates.

Well, we might have believed that, but we saw information produced by Biden’s own polling firm and we know this is more theater.

Declare a win and move on. So expected. The firm has been sitting on the mask news for a few days because of Ukraine.

It’s all been theater for the gullible masses. Never forget what they did to your children. Their education, their mental health and their speech development.

Ring down the curtain, the mask theater is over.

Featured Image: Egisto Sani/ Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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