Can Hillary Clinton Be Trusted With National Security? [VIDEO]

Can Hillary Clinton Be Trusted With National Security? [VIDEO]

Can Hillary Clinton Be Trusted With National Security? [VIDEO]

In the days leading up to the Trump vs. Clinton candidates forum on national security, Hillary Clinton has tried to portray herself as the candidate whose years of experience, giver her the knowledge, judgement and experience to protect the nation.


Contradicting her efforts to convince us she is the one we should trust, the FBI recently released a 58-page report detailing their findings into her handling of e-mail and classified materials. Based on the report, one might question whether she is up to the job of Commander in Chief.  By her own testimony, Clinton has trouble remembering events, recognizing classified information, and is confused by standard security protocols.

The report follows the July press conference, in which FBI Director James Comey, after giving a report of Clinton’s misdeeds, announced he would recommend she not be charged.  It was as if Comey had found her not guilty by reason of incompetence. The report is of particular interest because Comey’s confusing conclusion made Americans wonder whether his recommendation was an act of self-preservation, or if the FBI, under the Obama administration has been corrupted by politics.

The report was released late Friday afternoon — a time when most Americans were preoccupied by Labor Day weekend plans.  Speaking to Joe Scarborough on MSNBC, Senior News Analyst Mark Halperin said:

“To release this on a Friday as if he’s an arm of the campaign, I was stunned. There’s a lot of information that’s of great public interest. If you really cared about transparency, you’d say is the best time to release this, to get a full public hearing on Friday before Labor Day?”

The only thing transparent about the release was that it was an attempt to manage its impact on Clinton’s campaign, but instead of putting questions to rest, the report has raised more questions. Previously asked about why she chose to use her own server, Clinton said she thought it would be easier to use a single device, but according to the FBI, she used more than a dozen devices.  Some of those devices were intentionally destroyed, the whereabouts of others remain unknown.

Additionally, there are now questions about her deleted e-mails.  Asked earlier in the campaign about whether she or not she had intentionally wiped the server, Clinton did her best to sound guileless.  Now it comes out the server was intentionally wiped, using Bleach-Bit, a specialized program used to make deleted files unrecoverable.  This latest revelation prompted Rep. Jason Chaffetz to call for additional investigation, into whether Clinton should be charged with obstruction of justice.

In a letter on Tuesday, Chaffetz asked the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia to investigate why an IT staffer, working on Mrs. Clinton’s server purged a archive of her emails after they had been subpoenaed.

“The Department should investigate and determine whether Secretary Clinton or her employees and contractors violated statutes that prohibit destruction of records, obstruction of congressional investigations and concealment or cover up of evidence material to a congressional investigation,”

When Clinton was asked by Chris Wallace if she had been truthful in her testimony to the FBI. Clinton said,

“Director Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people..”

Hillary chooses her words carefully, in the hopes of getting Americans to trust her, but Comey never said she was truthful. Even if he had, as a former lawyer Hillary would know hearsay isn’t evidence.  As the wife of a former president, one would hope she’d also know she is dangerously close to being charged with the same crimes, for which her husband was impeached.

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