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Buyer’s Remorse: Voters now wishing that John McCain had won

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Buyer’s Remorse: Voters now wishing that John McCain had won

Well, this was just a matter of time. After 18 months of incompetence and a total lack of leadership, voters are beginning to have buyer’s remorse, thinking that maybe things would have been better off if McCain had won.

Democrats will be gulping this morning at the Quinnipiac Poll’s latest results. For the first time in the survey’s history, Americans believe by a 48% to 40% margin that President Obama doesn’t deserve re-election. Almost as stinging, a plurality believe the country would have been better off if John McCain had beaten Mr. Obama in 2008.

… Mr. Obama’s approval rating continues to slide, and is dragging his party down. While last July Mr. Obama had a 57% positive rating, Quinnipiac now pegs him at just 44% approval — a number below President Bill Clinton’s approval rating just before his party lost control of Congress in 1994. When asked which party they plan to vote for this November, likely voters in the Quinnipiac survey picked Republicans by 43% to 38%. This was despite an expressed lack of confidence in the ability of Republican leaders in Congress to tackle the nation’s problems.

Smitty wonders if we’d still have the tea parties, or if voters would be so energized to take the country back had McCain won instead of Obama. He’s probably right in that we wouldn’t. Only Obama’s brand of sheer destruction and incompetence could have done that. I still would just love to know where these people were in 2008 when they saddled us with the clown.

Better late than never, I guess.

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  • Sabba Hillel says:

    Your post on abortion led me to think that maybe this was Obama’s mission in life. That is, he is here to teach us a lesson while the error can still be corrected.

  • Stan says:

    They had a severe case of rectal-cranial inversion. The drive by media were also complicit in the disaster that is Obama. They are still the biggest supporters of this fiasco that is supposed to be the President. Hell, even Europe is starting to wake up what an idiot this guy is.

  • Chris in NC says:

    No, we wouldn’t be better under McCain. Obama may give us another Reagan like Carter did. McCain would be doing exactly what Obama is doing. Remember the history: When the reps were in power they spent like democrats. When the dems took the House and Senate they added to that with W’s blessing. Now the dems have all 3 and are overreaching. However, McCain would be doing the same thing and yes, I think tea parties would be started. Remember a lot of conservatives were getting pretty heated at Bush over immigration and spending and they liked him going in. McCain was never liked by the conservatives. Most that I knew of were pulling the lever for Palin and hoping for a heart attack.

    So no, not better under McCain as he would be doing the same stuff and would probably give way to another lib president and yes, tea parties as they were already underway under Bush but never came out until Obama.

  • To all my liberal relatives and friends……………………………….I told you so! But no………Obama was the “hope and change” that was touted to save the Republic. And he is the single largest factor in the current condition of said Republic. Abject incompetence and failure. A forty eight year old boy in man’s world. A child masquerading as and adult, leader of the free world and commander in chief. I said MASQUERADING as such. He has absolutely no idea of what reality is.
    Got no use for a worthless piece of crap like that.

  • Travis says:

    Golly gee whiz elections have consequences!

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