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bush 41 isms

bush 41 isms

everyone knows what a big bush family fan i am. W, jeb, barbara, laura and most certainly 41. apparently bushisms were not exclusive to bush 43 — george herbert walker bush had a fair number of them himself. here are a few of my favorites:

“Ozone Man, Ozone. He’s crazy, way out, far out, man.” —speaking about Al Gore during the 1992 presidential campaign

“To kind of suddenly try to get my hair colored, and dance up and down in a miniskirt or do something, you know, show that I’ve got a lot of jazz out there and drop a bunch of one-liners, I’m running for the president of the United States…I kind of think I’m a scintillating kind of fellow.” —in 1988

“When I need a little advice about Saddam Hussein, I turn to country music.” —George Bush Sr., in 1991

sometimes, bushisms are actually words of wisdom. you can read more here.

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