poisoning our troops?

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poisoning our troops?

it’s unbelievable that we are just now hearing about this, but reportedly 5 muslim soldiers dubbed ‘the fort jackson 5′ are being investigated by the us army for trying to poison the food supply at fort jackson in south carolina. they are apparently connected to the arabic language translator program called ’09 lima’ on base there.

these guys may have been in contact with the group of five washington, dc area muslims that traveled to pakistan to wage jihad against our troops in december. that group was arrested by pakistani authorities right before christmas and are still being held.

the army criminal investigation division says they’re taking the allegations against the fort jackson 5 ‘extremely seriously’ but so far, ‘there is no credible information to support the allegations.’

did the army brass take major hasan very seriously? the 5th column is here.

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  • micky says:

    Okay, no matter how much info is missing at this point its time to start keeping Muslims off our bases. i know how it sounds, I dont care about the PC and profiling BS I’m probably going to hear about shortly. Of course I’m dreaming, since when would one of the most basic common sense solutions that could be applied be used ?
    This craps just starting to get a little too scary with the recent attacks on bases here and abroad.
    Now I’m starting to worry about our countrys food supply in general

  • David says:

    Good point, micky – about the country’s food supply in general, that is. Fingers crossed!

    (P.S. too bad we have to resort to “fingers crossed” instead of counting in REAL action & vigilance on the part of our GOV’T regarding our national security!)

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