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scott brown, the job’s bill, and pink leather shorts

scott brown, the job’s bill, and pink leather shorts

i’ve been wondering how all those gop’ers who banged the drum loudly for ‘conservative’ scott brown feel now that he’s helped senate dems advance yet another feckless, bloated stimulus package — badly cloaked as a jobs ‘creation’ bill?

sure. he’s better then ‘marsha’ coakley or any democrat these days – however he is not conservative. he rightly stood against healthcare reform and was against cap and trade but i suspect we’ll see many more votes like this phoney ‘job’s’ bill where he crosses the aisle, giving us all heartburn.

get use to it. scott brown, the heir apparent to the ‘maverick’ crown of john mccain, is unpredictable. afterall, he showed up for his first date, with his now wife, in pink leather shorts. seriously.

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  • wickedmess says:

    Ah yes, Scott Brown, Newt Gingrich, and Glenn Beck ~ all supposed saviors of the GOP. Oh and don’t forget John McCain and Michael Steele! You know when Reagan said that he didn’t leave the Democrat party, that the party left him? I now have the misfortune of knowing exactly how he felt. It is not pleasant.

    I’ll be over here crying in the corner. Someone come and get me when the collapse is over, I can’t watch.

  • Marsha says:

    What the hell are you talking about Wicked Mess? Conservatives are ascending – finally. So what about Scott Brown. He said he was a fiscal conservative, he wasn’t. But he is better then freakin Teddy Kennedy isn’t he? Quit crying and get a grip. You can either be part of the march to DC or get left behind.

  • Jane says:

    What’s the big surprise? Is Scott Brown not from New England? Does not the GOP have a tradition of having more liberal senators in the GOP if they are from NE? I think you conservatives and your bravado will be your demise in the end. Waaaaaay to cocky and it’s a long time until the election. HeHe

  • PenniePan says:

    Pink leather shorts huh? Well that makes perfect sense to me. The GOP always has closet queers and perverts because they are all so FAKE. I’m sure we’ll find out many more juicy facts about Senator Brown in the years to come.

    On Brown’s vote for the MUCH NEEDED JOBS BILL: What Jane said. Neener.

  • wickedmess says:

    Marsha, you’re one of those people who votes for someone just because they have an “R” after their name, aren’t you? Principles be damned, any lying snake will do as long as he claims to be a member of your party? It’s thinking like that that gave us an unelectable candidate in the last presidential election.

    And if you’re marching to Washington to support big spending Republicans on the basis that even though they’re liars they’re “better than Ted Kennedy” feel free to march on without me. I don’t mind being left out that hypocritical parade. Really.

  • gene says:

    damn! i love seeing repubicans fight with each other!

  • Barb says:

    Ha! Looks like Brown is more like us then you. The joke is on conservatives who have become delusional with wishful thinking and dreams of yesteryear. It is the conservative that needs to get a grip.

  • David says:

    I say we wait and see what comes from Mr. Brown. Perhaps he is a person that is going to vote with the Dems. a lot. Maybe so. If so, I’d be disappointed, though.

  • lisab says:

    do not get your knickers in a twist, he is representing his constituents … like me.

    he will not vote lock step with the gop, he said he would not

    however he is a fiscal con and this bill was revenue neutral, you can hear him talk about it here


  • Scott says:

    Lisa… this “Jobs” bill will not create very many jobs and is not revenue neutral. This is a $15 billion dollars facade or “cover” for Dems and Rinos like Brown to make people like you say “YAY — they really are working on Jobs creation”.

    $15 Billion dollars. Do we even have that anymore? Stop the freaking spending for gosh sakes!

  • Ken says:

    “Ha! Looks like Brown is more like us then you.”

    Not really, he seems pretty smart.

    I love watching the libs dancing around because of one vote. You’ll be cursing his “right wing extremism” when he votes against healthcare. Geniuses.

    “damn! i love seeing repubicans fight with each other!”

    It’s almost as much fun as watching the dems jumping ship on Obama, retiring early, or even just plain quitting for no reason!!

    “On Brown’s vote for the MUCH NEEDED JOBS BILL”

    I thought the first jobs bill was going to help, remember? Regardless of it not doing anything to help the economy, at least the funds that weren’t channeled to nonexistent congressional districts, people are still screaming “SPEND! SPEND!”. To which I say, please do, it only helps the Republicans more and more!!

    I love it!!!

    “I don’t mind being left out that hypocritical parade. Really.”

    That’s fine, then please don’t complain and whine about government when you are not willing to do anything about it. The last few elections have always been the “lesser of two evils” unfortunately, but its what we’re stuck with. Thinking like YOURS is what gave us Obama. Thanks a lot.

  • lisab says:

    “Lisa… this “Jobs” bill will not create very many jobs and is not revenue neutral.”

    actually it is. i refer you to the link i gave above.

  • Scott says:

    I listened to your link. Brown can say anything Lisa. It doesn’t make it right. He also said he was a Fiscal Conservative. This is a fluff bill designed to give cover to Dems and Rinos when they go back to their constituents. Seems like you fell for the pink shorts too.

  • lisab says:

    it is right for massachusetts

    he would not have won if he was just a trained monkey for the gop leadership

  • Jeff Banning says:

    A couple of things. One, Scott Brown didn’t claim that he was a fiscal conservative. He ran primarily on defeating the hated health care bill. Second, he was touted (by some) as the next Reagan. When I heard that my immediate response was that he was a “Mass. Conservative. Let’s calm down on the next Reagan”. What we (the United States) got was some was to the right of Coakley. That’s it. Third any time you hear revenue of deficit neutral, it means more taxes for us AKA less money in your pockets.


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