Border Patrol Tactical Units Deployed To Sanctuary Cities

Border Patrol Tactical Units Deployed To Sanctuary Cities

Border Patrol Tactical Units Deployed To Sanctuary Cities

The Trump Administration has announced that it will deploy elite tactical units from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to sanctuary cities across the country. These elite units are called Border Tactical Units or BorTac. They are the special forces of Customs and Border Protection. Quite frankly, I am star-spangled stoked to hear this news.

We have put up with this nonsense since 1971, when Berkeley, California became the first sanctuary city. I was but a wee lass back then, but I remember my father railing about this violation of law and order. Back then, the sanctuary was for the conscientious objectors of the Vietnam War. Today, of course, the illegal immigration activists and open-borders crowd use the sanctuary cities to protect a different class of criminals. And, criminals they are. No matter why they come here, they are criminals because they violate federal immigration law. If I knock on your door and ask to come in, that is legal. If I bust through your door and plop down on your sofa, that is criminal. I don’t care what the bleeding hearts crowd says; that is illegal.

Since the early 1980’s sanctuary cities have refused to ask detained persons their immigration status and have ignored detainer notices from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And, today we have mental midgets like AOC calling for the abolition of I.C.E. These nattering nimrods don’t care about the completely unnecessary and preventable deaths of U.S. citizens like Kate Steinle. Or, more recently the rape and murder of a 92 year old LEGAL immigrant by an illegal who should have been deported.

In this video, Daria Ortiz, the granddaughter of the murdered Maria Fuertes talks to the National Border Patrol Council. It’s 26 minutes in after Trump talks:

Thank God for President Donald Trump. The Border Tactical Units being deployed cannot dry the tears of Daria Ortiz, but they can turn back the lawlessness of these sanctuary cities.

The New York Times reported the deployment of these tactical units:

The Trump administration is deploying law enforcement tactical units from the southern border as part of a supercharged arrest operation in sanctuary cities across the country, an escalation in the president’s battle against localities that refuse to participate in immigration enforcement.

The specially trained officers are being sent to cities including Chicago and New York to boost the enforcement power of local Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, according to two officials who are familiar with the secret operation. Additional agents are expected to be sent to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, N.J.

Well, that’s what a patriot would call a good start. The ACLU is not happy. Again, from the New York Times article:

Naureen Shah, senior advocacy and policy counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, questioned whether the teams would use that authority in the targeted cities, most of which are within that 100-mile zone.

“This is about further militarizing our streets,” Ms. Shah said. “It could actually have deadly effects. We could see C.B.P. officers who aren’t trained for interior enforcement using aggressive force.”

Many ICE agents say their jobs have become increasingly difficult, three years into Mr. Trump’s presidency, because of robust campaigns by immigrant advocacy organizations seeking to safeguard undocumented immigrants by educating them on the legal limitations that ICE officers face. As a result, in many communities where undocumented immigrants live, people now turn immediately to their phones when ICE agents are spotted to alert neighbors that they should stay inside.

Those neighbors who phone their friends to say inside are aiding and abetting the commission of crimes. Sanctuary cities are nullifying Federal Law. In researching information for this post, I read an interesting article on nullification by Hans Von Spakovsky for The Heritage Foundation. Immigration is not delegated to the states. Immigration is delegated by the Constitution to the Federal Government:

When it comes to immigration and the entry of aliens into the U.S., Congress delegated to the president the extremely broad authority under 8 U.S.C. §1182 (f) to suspend the entry of any aliens or class of aliens into the U.S. if he believes it “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.” As five dissenting judges at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently pointed out, there are a long series of decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the authority of prior presidents under this provision and severely limiting the ability of the courts to review the president’s decision.

Unfortunately, at the urging of certain states, the courts have in large part ignored the Constitution, federal law, and prior precedents. They are instead substituting their judgment for that of the president, and enjoining the president’s executive order by implementing a temporary halt to entry from certain terrorist safe havens. In essence, states such as Hawaii and Washington are turning to activist federal judges to nullify the exclusive authority of the federal government over immigration and the security of our national border — and those judges are complying.

The nullification of federal law by cities and states should have been stopped decades ago. If it had been stopped, this “militarization of our streets” would not be necessary. Rule of law must be re-established. God bless these border patrol tactical units and keep them safe. Build the wall. Secure the border and all ports of entry. Like I said, I am star-spangled stoked.

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