Boogeyman NRA ‘Colludes’ with Trump

Boogeyman NRA ‘Colludes’ with Trump

Boogeyman NRA ‘Colludes’ with Trump

The Daily Beast’s Michael Daly channels the 1930’s sob sister style with a National Enquirer sentiment in an article cynically exploiting the murder of a child in an inane, tortuous attempt to claim RUSSIA COLLUDES WITH NRA TO COLLUDE WITH TRUMP!!! Can we insert a Howard Dean scream here? YEEEAAARRRRGH!!

The boring facts

Daly spends the first 22 paragraphs lingering on the murder of Makiyah Wilson. The ten-year old was killed and others injured when masked criminals, in a carjacked vehicle, shot into a crowd of people.

Daly deliberately ignores that criminals murdered this child. All the pajama-boy hand-wringing about “assault weapons” never addresses the issue that criminals will still commit crime. With guns. With illegal guns.

Close to 5 million people are members of the NRA. What is the number of members who have engaged in mass shootings? Zero. Indeed, the total number of murders committed using long guns is about 700. As many people are murdered by another person’s hands, fists or feet as are murdered by a long gun.

A gun is nothing but a tool. It can be used to commit crime or, more often, it can be used to prevent crime.

Colludes with the real murder lobby

Daly sobs:

The Russians recognize the real big-time collusion. Get in with the NRA and you get in with the GOP!

Whether or not there was collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign, there most definitely has been collusion between the NRA and Trump, along with his supporters in Congress.

Thanks to this persisting collusion, the NRA continues to prevent meaningful gun safety measures. Maniacs with assault rifles unleash mass shooting after mass shooting.

Ah! The dishonest code phrase meaningful gun safety measures gets dropped in with no explanation of what such a measure would look like. Even more importantly, how that measure would prevent the particular act of evil Daly so lovingly lingers over.

I know why. Because such people aren’t really interested in “gun safety” or “common sense” gun control. They are only interested in the power that comes from repealing the Second Amendment.

The NRA does have a rival organization colludes with Democrats with almost as much money on the election of Congress critters, as the NRA. That would be Planned Parenthood. And they take pride in causing the death of 300,000 human beings a year.

Il-liberal Leftists have demonized law-abiding gun owners for years. President Obama sneered at the ethos of flyover country what with their guns and religion. Therefore, it hasn’t been surprising that the election of Donald Trump has seen the bigotry and disdain of Leftists dialed up to 11.

What I did for the first time this year

The targeting of the NRA and the kind of murder-porn articles like Daly’s cannot be left unanswered. Hence …

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  • rbj says:

    “meaningful gun safety measures” is something I am all in favor of. How about teaching proper firearms handling in school?
    They teach sex ed in school, why not gun ed as well?

    • Jim says:

      A recent news article reports school programs being developed to teach teenage children about safe ”sexting”. Now that’s a contradiction in terms if ever their was one. As for firearms I grew up in the 1950s and guns and shooting were not demonised. We knew about guns as did our parents, many ex-military. My father and his brothers were fine shots and competitive shooters and hunters. We trained in school military cadet units at school on the parade ground [actually the playing fields] with WWII rifles and sub-machine guns which we later used on ranges under supervision. The firearms were actually stored in the Quartermaster’s armoury at the school! There was no mystery and none of the hysteria of the extremist Left. Guns were simply tools whose safe use required correct training.

  • CaptDMO says:

    The NRA colludes with GOP?
    Well, let’s see…defending the Constitution, or something?
    Golly, if I wasn’t so retired, I’d feel better about sporting my Life Member tie tack daily.
    (Except for “events” haven’t had to wear a tie in a while.)
    I don’t recall any “Russians” bragging about using the nations oldest Civil Rights org. as a tool to
    destroy the US.
    I seem to recall some Japanese guy bemoaning “behind every blade of grass”….or something.
    I seem to recall some Red Coated gentlemen proposing meaningful infringements on
    citizen firearms.
    “The Schools”, for the children, on the other hand….

  • GWB says:

    Can we insert a Howard Dean scream here? YEEEAAARRRRGH!!
    Oh, c’mon, Deanna! You couldn’t even link it?! The SCREAM.
    You’re welcome. 🙂

    Get in with the NRA and you get in with the GOP!
    Well, yeah. Sorta. Because there’s only ONE thing you’ll get in with the GOP on, and that’s protecting Americans’ 2d Amendment rights. (BTW, PP lobbies the gov’t on more than merely abortion and contraception – if it’s leftist-feminist, they’re on it like 2-bit whore on a $20 bill.)

    there most definitely has been collusion between the NRA and Trump
    I don’t think you know what “collusion” means. Because it most certainly does not include lobbying (which is also a constitutionally protected right, btw – 1st Amendment).

    Maniacs with assault rifles unleash mass shooting after mass shooting.
    Well, if the media plays up every single incident and replays them endlessly on a loop, yes, you will think there’s “mass shooting after mass shooting”.
    But… funny that you don’t approach the common denominator in there that you mention right at the beginning of the sentence. Just the guns, not the maniacs.

    The truly sad part is that there are loads of Americans who will hear this drivel and think “OMG! We have to do something to make our lives risk-free, no matter the consequences!”
    Do your part to help stop this menace – get out and educate a ‘liberal’ on Liberty and why it made America different from the rest of the world.

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