Boehner Confirms Republican Lawsuit Against Obama

Boehner Confirms Republican Lawsuit Against Obama

Boehner Confirms Republican Lawsuit Against Obama
Speaker John Boehner
Speaker John Boehner
On Wednesday, Speaker of the House, John Boehner confirmed to Bret Baier on Special Report that Republicans will sue the president over his use of executive action on immigration. I think we can all agree that we hope the lawsuit to halt Obama is successful.

Speaker Boehner said that he believed that when the president took executive action to deal with our immigration problems was an “overreach” and “is a violation of our Constitution.”

“We believe that the filing of a lawsuit to try to stop the president from violating our Constitution is an important step for our institution,” Boehner said. “This isn’t about immigration. This is the president violating the Constitution, violating his oath of office, and frankly, not upholding the rule of law.”

The White House didn’t seem to be concerned with the threats from House Republicans.

“House Republicans seem to be relying more and more on the courts these days to challenge the president’s authority,” White House spokesman Eric Shultz said. “We believe that we acted within the full bounds of authority enshrined to the executive branch, and we’ll be defending that.”

Of course, the White House believes they are acting within the “full bounds of authority.” And, because these same worthless sponges worship Obama like he is a god, they don’t understand that the American people are sick of him, and yes, we are ready for someone to “challenge the president’s authority” – mostly because never in our nation’s history has there been such an unprepared ignoramus sitting in our Oval Office, blatantly stomping on our Constitution.

Boehner and Baier covered much more than the lawsuit in the wide ranging interview. Boehner discussed the reactions to his invitation to address a joint meeting of Congress to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The Israeli Prime Minister can also talk with some expertise about the growing threat of radical Islam,” Boehner said. “We’ve got a serious problem in the world and the president just wants to act like it’s going to just disappear. And so as a co-equal branch of our government, I don’t have any problem at all in doing what I did to invite the Prime Minister to come to Congress and address those concerns.”

Hopefully, the Republicans keep their fortitude, and hopefully we can halt the destruction that is the Obama Administration.

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