Bill Maher, a Compassionate Liberal, Wants You To Suffer

Bill Maher, a Compassionate Liberal, Wants You To Suffer

Bill Maher, a Compassionate Liberal, Wants You To Suffer

Let’s recall the Leftwing mobs (joined by more than a few ostensible conservatives) braying for the head of Rush Limbaugh saying about President Obama,

I hope he fails.

#TheResistance is just so precious.

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  • Bill G says:

    That was not Rush’s comment; he wanted Obama to fail at enacting his agenda. He was not calling for the failure of our economy but fearing that would happen if Obama succeeded in getting his policies in place.

    • Darleen Click says:

      Yes, Bill, I know that when called on the statement that Rush explained his intention that he wanted Obama personally to fail at his agenda. That is why I emphasized the “he” in Rush’s initial statement.

      Rush has never called for the failure of this country to enable a change in administrations – something that both liberals and NeverTrumpers are wishing (and working) for.

    • steve says:

      comments like Marr’s show why those on the left are such dumbo idiots

  • Robin H says:

    The left are writing the right’s political ads if they would just have the spine to use them.

  • Scott says:

    Well, no arguement with anything you all have said, and great post. The only comment I have regarding Maher would be inappropriate to say in front of you ladies, so I’ll just leave the last part, and let you all fill in the beginning.. “…and the horse he rode in on!”

  • Angelo Rombola says:

    Maher is a multi-millionire and wouldn’t suffer an iota in a recession. Let him get rid of his millions first and place himself on a par with those he would throw onto the welfare and food stamp rolls and see how he would enjoy
    near poverty.

  • JJ Brunker says:

    There is no rationalization for Bill Maher’s statement. None. What his wishing for would cause great pain and suffering to many, but not him. He’s also wishing for our country to tank so that he can stand on his dais and say, “See. Told you I was right”. I don’t know who has the bigger ego, Mr. Maher or Mr. Trump.

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