Balloon Busted, Biden’s A Hot-Air Buffoon

Balloon Busted, Biden’s A Hot-Air Buffoon

Balloon Busted, Biden’s A Hot-Air Buffoon

The pictures are out of the Chinese spy balloon that (finally) got shot down. What did intelligence officials say? That the balloon was “part of an extensive surveillance program run by the Chinese military”.

So says CNN. The Daily Wire has a bit of a different take on the 200-foot balloon with a payload size of a jetliner. The balloon, hailing from Hainan province in southern China, has targeted military assets in countries that are in Beijing’s crosshairs to include Japan, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

We know. It was just a “weather balloon” that “got blown off course”. We Americans love to “overreact” and “seriously violate international practice” by shooting down stuff that shouldn’t be in our airspace in the first place. How dare we shoot down their harmless, little balloon!

And while this balloon floated over our airspace for the better part of the week, we turn to the buffoon in The Oval Office. Joe Biden. Full of hot air and pudding last night, Biden congratulated his party on upholding Democracy. Biden talked of the “next chapter of the American story”. Dear Lord, we hope he is not part of it. These two years have been more than enough. Time for a new chapter. But first, a bunch of hot air and lies.

New jobs, inflation going down. The reality? High mortgage rates, gas prices at the pump still high and American families spending a small fortune at the grocery store. We also have deadly fentanyl coming across our borders that Biden kept open while Harris cackled. And, to add insult to injury, we have a completely jacked up supply chain. But Joe’s got this. We’re coming back, better than ever.

Talk about an over-inflated sense of self-importance coming from a senile, old fool who can barely walk down an aisle and greet people. Biden talks about dignity for young, trans kids while upholding the rights to kill innocent babies. Biden talks about banning assault weapons while gang-bangers openly cheer. Biden talks about the evils of Big Pharma, while we saw those evils be forced on some of us first-hand by his administration and state governments with vaccine requirements and mandates. Biden talks about no kid needing to have a parent drive him or her to a McDonald’s parking lot to access the Internet but neglects to mention that this happened when he and his fellow Democrats shut down the schools. And, why were schools shut down? Because of a virus that came out of a lab in CHINA. Yet he meets face-to-face with President Xi and desires partnership:

Joe Biden did have some words for Xi last night. Biden stated that he wanted competition, not conflict. We’re sure Xi laughed loudly upon hearing this. After all, The buffoon also talked about semiconductors last night. So glad he brought that up.

Today, we’re in the strongest position in decades to compete with China or anyone else in the world.

I am committed to work with China where it can advance American interests and benefit the world.”-Joe Biden

Which country is the number one manufacturer of semiconductors? I say no more.

And while Biden mentioned China ever-so-briefly, he did not mention the balloon. We suppose “extensive surveillance” promotes this “healthy” competition with China or something. The fact that Joe even uttered the word “healthy” and associated it with China is a laugh after what came out of WuHan.

As the moments withered away, the hot air continued to seep out at the SOTU when Biden said “any nation that will out-educate us will outcompete us”. There may have been some truth in that mumble-jumble of Joe’s lies there. Shocker. Guess who has been surpassing us on out-educating for years?

I hate to bust Joe’s old, over-inflated balloon, but we are being out-educated and out-produced. We have been long before a pandemic hit our shores from said out-educated, out-producing nation. China is not at all interested in expanding American interests to the rest of the world. They helped knock us out at the kneecaps with COVID when our economy, educational systems and our workforce all came to a screeching halt. This will NEVER be a healthy and mutual partnership. China is laughing in our faces while gaslighting and waving their passive-aggressive balloons all over our airspace.

But Biden the Buffoon drones on. The backbone of America is strong, he says. The soul of our nation is strong. We are a nation that embraces, light over darkness, hope over fear, unity over division. Stability over chaos. Optimistic. Hopeful. Forward-looking. We’re all the things.

As even more hot air escapes Biden’s lips, there are lots of half-truths in there. We are strong. He is not. We do have a backbone. He does not. We do embrace light over darkness, hope over fear and unity over division. Our bitter, divisive, dirty politician of a president and his party does not. We do prefer stability over the utter chaos he and his administration have caused. And yes. Even after all we’ve been through with this decrepit old clown, we are optimistic, hopeful and looking forward to this nightmare of a presidency ending. Pop!

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  • Scott says:

    The rest of the world has been on track to out educate us since we started teaching to the lowest common denominator, (that’s a math thing for todays public school kids), allowing children to dictate how schools are run, not teachers, and focusing on indoctrination over education.. not to mention the idea that virtually EVERYTHING that actually qualifies as education is now considered “racist” but the left and those who run the “education” system (but I repeat myself). We need to do as was attempted in the 80’s, get rid of the NEA and federal involvement in public schools. Let localities run schools that fit their demographics, and with the tax money saved, families can send their kids to school that meet their ideals and beliefs.

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