Attorney Of Roy Moore Accuser Says He Was Offered Money, Favors By Steve Bannon [VIDEO]

Attorney Of Roy Moore Accuser Says He Was Offered Money, Favors By Steve Bannon [VIDEO]

Attorney Of Roy Moore Accuser Says He Was Offered Money, Favors By Steve Bannon [VIDEO]

Attorney Eddie Sexton broke the news in an interview with the Washington Post, published late Friday afternoon. According to Sexton, two former clients who were also Moore supporters approached him claiming that if he dumped Leigh Corfman as a client, he would receive $10,000 cash and be rewarded with connections in Washington. The men, Bert Davi and Gary Lantrip, were owners of a Birmingham Alabama construction company who had no history of political involvement prior to showing up at a Washington DC fundraiser for Moore’s Senate Campaign. The person hosting the event was Steve Bannon, former editor of Breitbart News and advisor to President Trump during his campaign and his presidency. Bannon and Davi had known one another “for years”, according to Davi.

At an event two weeks later, Candidate Moore denounced Corfman’s allegations during and hinted at some kind of investigation of revelations coming about his accuser’s motivations. Later that week, Sexton was invited to meet with Davi and Lantrip. It was at this meeting that Sexton was offered up to $10,000 if he dropped Corfman as a client and was peppered with questions about Corfman’s past by Breitbart News reporters Matt Boyle and Aaron Klein. They asked him if he could state publically that he had reviewed the facts around Corfman’s case and determined that he could not work with her because she was “not believable.” Sexton was deeply disturbed by this but there was an even more shocking development coming. Davi and Lantrip asked Sexton to sign a handwritten statement explaining that he would not represent Corfman since he was not convinced of the believability of her accusations.

He excused himself from the meeting at that point and left, but not before filming Boyle leaving the meeting (see video). Later that evening, Davi texted Sexton and apologized for “being a dick”. You would think that would be the end of it, but it wasn’t. Lantrip and Davi continued to pressure Sexton. When Moore appeared at a local church for a fundraiser in Birmingham, both men continued to text Sexton and pressure him to make a statement about his refusing to represent Corfman.

Gary Lantrip at a Roy Moore fundraiser in Birmingham, AL

The Post’s reporter caught up with Bert Davi and asked him about the allegations, but Davi refused to speak with him on camera. In an off-camera discussion, Davi confirmed the allegations were true and claimed that he and Lantrip were just trying to “let the truth come out”. He also mentioned that Bannon did not know of the men’s offer of money to Sexton even though his partner, Lantrip, confirmed that they had promised Sexton future legal work.

Leigh Corfman

My question is this: Given the facts in this case, do you think that Roy Moore should have been put forth as a candidate for Senate in the GOP? I have to say that if these accusations are true, the vetting of future candidates for the Senate, regardless of party, should be more thorough. As to Bannon’s involvement in this situation, what are your thoughts?

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  • GWB says:

    You can’t pin this on Moore, though. At least not with what you posted here. While I don’t think Moore was a good choice (though primary voters thought otherwise), Bannon is the win-at-all-costs jerk in this scenario.

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