Anti-Israel Radicals In Chicago Cheer For IRAN In Farsi

Anti-Israel Radicals In Chicago Cheer For IRAN In Farsi

Anti-Israel Radicals In Chicago Cheer For IRAN In Farsi

Anti-War, anti-Israel radicals are hard at work figuring out how they can bring others to their cause. While they are all leftist Democrat Socialists, they’ve become disgusted with the Democrat Party because of their support for Israel.

Thus, as The Free Press reports, around 300 of them gathered in a basement in Chicago to plan on how to disrupt the DNC convention in August. And then this happened. 

But then a man stumbles to the podium, wiping sweat from his forehead. He grabs the microphone to announce that the Islamic regime of Iran has launched missiles and drones heading straight toward Israel.

“They believe that they will be in Palestinian—I don’t call it Israeli—airspace between two and four a.m., which means about two to four hours from now,” he says. “In addition, there are reports of drones having been fired on Israel from Yemen and Iraq.”

The crowd, all wearing black N95s, erupts into applause. Someone in the back lowers their mask to send a celebratory whistle soaring throughout the room.

Oh, they weren’t just cheering FOR Iran. Some of them were celebrating Iran’s attack…in FARSI. 

I’d be willing to bet that some of these masked radicals were among the groups that went into the U.S. Capitol in recent weeks and were allowed to disrupt proceedings, such as when Sec Def Lloyd Austin was testifying, without suffering any consequences. 

That said, these radicals aren’t nice people. Some of them have some seriously concerning track records. 

The man at the podium, Hatem Abudayyeh, heads the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, “a purported community group which, on information and belief, is an affiliate of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a designated terror organization based in Gaza,” according to a lawsuit over the alleged relations between U.S. advocacy groups and Hamas.

“This is when this country and the world needs us because the United States is going to, quote unquote, defend the criminal Israeli state,” says Abudayyeh, whose home was raided by the FBI in 2010 as part of an investigation “concerning the material support of terrorism.”

Do you think the FBI has any of those folks on their radar? Or are they too busy going after J6’ers and parents? 

These leftist radicals are so convinced that Israel is bad, that they’ll cheer for one of the world’s worst terror regimes and think that the Iranian people will nod their heads in approval. These same leftists think hijabs are empowering and refuse to acknowledge the fact that women in Iran have been speaking out for several years against the forced wearing of them, which has led to imprisonment and death for some. That uncomfortable fact doesn’t fit the radicals chosen narrative. 

It would not surprise me one bit if it was those same radicals who decided to block all traffic into or out of Chicago O’Hare this morning. 

Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked off the entrance to O’Hare International Airport on Monday morning, preventing cars from reaching the terminals, forcing some flyers to walk to get to the airport.

Several protest groups shared videos on Instagram showing a group of people sitting with their arms interlocked on the Interstate 190 access road between the Kennedy Expressway and O’Hare, blocking all lanes of traffic headed to the airport.

One news report even claimed it was unclear what they were protesting about, and then quickly stealth-edited the report.

Oh, it was pretty damned clear. 

It’s a safe bet that these dangerous radicals want to do more than just chant and cheer for Iran. They want to disrupt everything in hopes of forcing the Biden Administration, and thus the United States to drop kick Israel to the curb. 

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has been very quiet about Israel since October 7. In fact, he voted FOR a cease-fire resolution earlier this year, and has vocally supported student walk-outs protesting Israel. But now he decided a round-table discussion about antisemitism was warranted. Several Jewish leaders vehemently disagreed. 

Given the events on Saturday, I’d say they were correct in anticipating that today’s round table would be a waste of time. 

“Based upon our experiences the last six months, there wasn’t trust that it would be a productive use of our time,” Tcath said, “and that we wouldn’t be exploited for his own political posturing.”

Especially when one considers what groups were invited to this discussion. 

Since 2020, Democrat-led cities and states, along with the Biden Administration, have given aid and comfort to radical leftist protestors. Which has led many to believe they have every right to bluntly advocate for murdering those who don’t bow to their demands, blockade roads and highways, loot and burn businesses down, or disrupt gatherings at private homes. 

These radical leftists firmly believe that Iran and those living in Gaza are applauding their efforts. Oh I’m sure Iran is pleased that they have American fans, yet many of those same fans wouldn’t be allowed to step foot in Iran due to their lifestyle choices. 

That’s ok though. They are THE RESISTANCE! 

“Iran is part of the resistance,” said the woman, who flew in that morning from New Orleans, where she’s been part of an effort to disrupt Israel-bound shipments in her hometown. “Yemen and Iran and Hezbollah, who are also a militant group in Lebanon, and the Syrian government are all parts of the arc of resistance.”

Fine. Go resist in Iran and see how that turns out. 

Feature Photo Credit: Protest fists and Iran flag via iStock, cropped and modified

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  • Que says:

    I wonder if there will be a redux of the Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968, when hippies, Yippies (Youth International Party), and Students for a Democratic Society caused chaos outside the convention site.

    The one big difference is that the mayor at the time was Richard J. Daley, who wasn’t afraid to call out the police to quell disruption in his city — even though it wasn’t pretty. Charges of police brutality were leveled, but oh well. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

    But the current mayor, Brandon Johnson, is a feckless socialist who has said that large gangs of yutes causing mayhem in the streets are kids who “make silly decisions.”

    Yeah, that’ll work out well.

  • Scott says:

    One thing ya gotta give the left.. they seemingly never get tired of being wrong..

    As to the morons blocking the road (and the idiots at the deans house, though he made that, so I have no sympathy for him or his wife ) they are perfect examples of why “unreasonable force” should be authorized (apologies to the Blues Brothers)… IMHO it should be perfectly legal to run over ANY dipshit that decides to unlawfully block a roadway…

  • Lloyd says:

    You ain’t seen nothing yet…..With all the Biden invitees, aka foreign invaders that have come through his open border, we can expect more of this, only WORSE!

  • Cameron says:

    One car refusing to stop is all it takes to clear the road.

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