The Anti-Inauguration Tantrum of the Left

The Anti-Inauguration Tantrum of the Left

The Anti-Inauguration Tantrum of the Left

On January 20, 2017, the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next will result in The Anti-Inauguration. The left-leaning citizens of these United States of America, aka The Losers, will have a major tantrum to protest the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump. Numerous events are planned for The Anti-Inauguration.

Charles M. Blow, New York Times editorial writer and social justice warrior (Is that redundant?) has written a helpful advice column for all the Hillary Clinton voters, who cannot believe that the “Smartest Woman on Earth” (trademark Clinton Global Initiative) lost to that uncouth, racist, Islamophobe Donald J. Trump. Hence, The Anti-Inauguration by Charles M. Blow.

Here is how Mr. Blow begins his column:

The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States is just two weeks away, so now is the time to begin making plans to send him the strongest possible signal that your opposition to the presidency he has foreshadowed will not be pouting and passive, but active and animated.

In other words, very active and animated pouting.

Because we have not heard the voices of The Losers whining enough yet? We have not felt the anger of The Losers? The Left’s Party of Hate video:

Darn it…Steve Buscemi used to be one of my favorite actors (Boardwalk Empire, Fargo, The Wedding Singer).

Back to Mr. Blow and The Anti-Inauguration.

The point is not necessarily to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, but rather to deprive it of oxygen and eyeballs; to plant a flag of resistance firmly at the opening gate. This doesn’t mean that people won’t attend or watch. They will. But every station that carries it, as many will, should feel the impact of your absence.

Just because succession of power in our fragile democracy isn’t denied by dictator or compelled by coup does not mean that the majority of Americans who voted for someone other than Trump, and view his ascension as an offense, should feel any pressure or compunction to bear witness to the pomp and pageantry surrounding the installation of a demi-fascist and full-blown demagogue as president.

This ceremony is part of a governmental apparatus meant to project a picture of seamless continuity and normalcy to Americans and the world.

But making Trump appear normal is contingent on public cooperation, which must be denied.

Mr. Blow then goes on to give “helpful” suggestions on how to actively and animatedly pout on January 20. You know like protest, donate, subscribe, volunteer and the like.

Blow’s final exhortation is for people to bring their pre-Trump ideals into a post-Trump world.

My Victory Girls sister blogger, Deanna Fisher, wrote about the young white man kidnapped and tortured by four black females. If you have not read her blog post, read it here. No doubt that these four young, female torturers were spurred on by the anti-Trump hatred hailed by the Left and by people like Sally Field, Steve Buscemi and Charles M. Blow.

Facebook Live Torture is part of The Anti-Inauguration

Go ahead and have your Anti-Inauguration. Protest, sing peace songs, color and pet kittens. I am going to thank God for the Founding Fathers and the Electoral College, while I watch Donald J. Trump sworn in as our 45th President of the United States of America.

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  • Rusty Shackleford says:

    I had the same reaction when I saw Steve Buscemi in a clip of that video, Toni—why, Steve, why? And why do you honestly think people really care what celebs think about politics?

    P.S.—I hope someone at VGB will post about President Stampy Foot having a medal pinned on him yesterday by Ashheap Carter; talk about stolen valor!!!!

    • Nina says:

      The celebrities can’t help themselves I guess.

      And actually… the medal from DoD… several other Presidents have been given the same including Clinton, George W Bush, Kissinger, and even Steven Spielberg. 😉

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