An Open Letter to David Guth

An Open Letter to David Guth

A liberal professor of journalism at the University of Kansas has taken it upon himself to wish death upon the children of members of the National Rifle Association, as well as “a pox on our Congress and a pox on the NRA”, according to Campus Reform.

As an NRA life member, I am appalled at the lack of humanity and the sheer psychological malaise evident in an individual to whom the education of young adults is entrusted.

I could wish death upon Mr. Guth.

But I won’t.

I could stoop to his reptilian level.

But I won’t.

I could post all of his personal and contact information.

But I won’t.

Instead, I will say this:

Mr. Guth,

There are 300 million firearms legally owned in the United States, according to the National Rifle Association. A fraction of a percentage are used to commit crimes as the majority of those involved have been illegally obtained. I find it puzzling that you, a bastion of the tolerant and caring liberal left, would wish such heinous atrocities on CHILDREN because you are enraged by a madman using a tool – and that IS what a firearm is – to commit a mass murder.

Frankly, Mr. Guth, I believe YOU to be a madman and your comments to be terroristic threats. That you may use your own tool – the platform from which you teach – to poison the minds of the next generation with hatred, malice, reactionary rhetoric, and such vile words is beyond fathomable to me.

Have you ever feared for your safety, Mr. Guth? That of your kids? How about for the future of your country?

I have, and it is for those very reasons that I choose to own firearms and teach my children to use and respect them. I’m sure you wouldn’t understand since respect seems beyond your realm of comprehension. My children are my world, Sir. Were anything to happen to them because you feel that inciting further violence is acceptable, it would behoove you to pray that St. Peter gets to you before I do.

That said, I won’t wish harm or death upon you or your loved ones. What I will hope for is that should harm ever befall you or them, someone not so myopic, judgmental, and as intellectually challenged as you has a firearm to protect your disgusting hide and show you just how unworthy of such protection you’ve been.

Live long and prosper, asshole.


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Obsessively grammatically correct and unapologetically politically incorrect Mom, better half, friend, mad scientist, Papist, and bibliophilic conservative hippie with an internet connection.

  • Michael J. Dolan says:

    “I could stoop to his reptilian level.”

    Please, don’t insult reptiles by comparison to this… this object. Provided that they can’t eat them or aren’t in danger of being eaten by them, reptiles are coolly indifferent to other creatures. That’s far more tolerance than this supposedly open-minded cretin seems capable of, who is driven to bloody-minded rage by the mere existence of a viewpoint other than his own.

    • ROS says:

      I’m a follower of the “kill it with fire” snake doctrine, and you can’t get any lower than a snake’s belly (unless you were Professor Guth). I shouldn’t stereotype all reptiles, though. You’re absolutely right.

  • This must be an example of the “New Civility” that liberals have been telling us about.

  • hockeydad says:

    As a NRA member and father I sent the university the following letter.

    I am writing to address the comment tweeted by one of your professor at your university. I have read your statements about his First Amendment right. I commend you for stating that he has that right and is free to express it; however, as a school of higher learning where you are responsible for the teaching of young people from all kinds of backgrounds (some of those who exercise their Second Amendment rights), should you have someone on your staff that openly wishes some of them be “damn by God” in a position where they are teaching them?
    I understand that people may be teaching that hold that belief and it’s not express but openly being hostile to group of individuals that may attend your school or even be a student in his class should be something that concerns you. It would concern me as a parent.
    While I have the right to express myself, my company also has rules about things that what I can express in a social media context and statements that can be harmful to my organization are grounds for dismissal. I would think that the university would have similar rules or guidelines about using social media to express an option that may be harmful to the school.
    I also find it funny that my 14 year old son (NRA member – damned by your professor) has a yearlong school project call “Rights and Responsibilities” where he is examining the Second Amendment. The first item on the line of Responsibilities he’s written “Personal – you are responsible for your actions”. My son understands that the action of the individual, which uses a right, has to take responsibility for how that right is used. Maybe, you should pass this along to your professor, he might learn something from one of the children his wished damned by God.
    As I said at the beginning, I commend you for your stance on letting your professor express his First Amendment rights. Since this professor called on God, will your stance of supporting First Amendment rights continue should one of your professors or other individuals that your institution express their biblical belief, on their own time or web site, and state that those who practice homosexually will be damned by God? Will you continue to support those rights? Or will you change your stance depending on which group is offended? I hope you are consistent in your belief of each person’s rights and apply the same response and/or punishment to the hypothetical individual as you have to your current professor.
    I’m not going to say that my child won’t go to your school or call for some type of ban. I believe it is an individual right to choose (including my son) where one goes to further their education. That being said I’m pretty sure since my son is a NRA member he’ll most likely not want to attend a school where his openly wished damned.

  • Merle says:

    Yep, the new “civility” is obvious to all.


  • Patrick says:

    Guth is a typical commielib of my generation…he’s about 64 years old, I am 65. He also was a press spxm for the NC Dept of Corrections, Probation and Parole. They must be proud.

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