AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — Paladin’s Black Friday Edition

AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — Paladin’s Black Friday Edition

AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™ — Paladin’s Black Friday Edition

Paladin’s Favorite Part of Thanksgiving.  This is pretty close to his Lordly Sandwich, except he uses Mayo instead of cranberry, a dash of salt, pepper, and a dollop of gravy on the stuffing. Did he mention a big dash of salt and pepper?  Slowly relish with Cognac or Whiskey in front of a fire or a game. The dog will bring your slippers in hopes of sniblits.



Used to love reading cooking rags like Gourmoo until they went all SJW Blue Nose Scoldy in the 2000 Teens – bemoaning this and that – so let’s dig back to 2011 for this delicious tidbit from Bon  Appetit – in the event you need more inspiration than the pic above: Best leftover turkey sandwiches.

Make the sandwich, drink the whiskey, but think twice about competing for the Participation Award on Black Friday November 23, 2018—where Planet Earthers of every race, creed and color disport themselves in a snatch match over the last crumb on sale.

Never to be surpassed in any enterprise, American Shoppers can always show you how it’s really done. Even when there’s a mall shooting last night with two innocents injured and the suspect dead due to Policemen of Valor™—



Way To Go  Riverchase Galleria!  Next time Paladin is in Birmingham, he’s THERE!


Too bad our Global eager throngs clearly possess as little human foresight as those poor schmucks who sold Manhattan to Peter Minuit for $24 in beads and trinkets.


Rest assured, Paladin reveres Commerce and a good bargain but reviles Chaos, unless employed to one’s advantage in War—so never be tomfool enough to expect a decent refund when products and hasty deals don’t work out quite as expected.


For all you know you’ll be facing an armed man with a musket for your wampum back, while an odd fellow accepts your gift of tobacco. Any takers on who that one-legged man is? Did you even notice he was missing a major limb* the first time you glanced at the diorama?

Across the Pond, the City of London has wasted no time getting into the spirit of the season, decrying Racism, Classism, defending South London from Calumny and general Baddiness:



Give this fellow, the well-named Assfa smelling salts and a swooning couch but frankly, if we have to defend the Grinch, the battle is lost.

Yet London Agonistes pale before Germany’s Merkel-Merkel Christmas. Where Germany,  Deutschland Uber Nuttin’ welcomes Christians to shop during this Holy Time of the Year behind a high metal fence and barbed wire.  (Merkel-Merkel should read Daniel 5:25 And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN to Daniel 5:27 TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.) Irony or Tragedy?

Hey, it’s Black Friday. It’s Three for the Price of One! Irony, Tragedy and Farce!

Voila! Build the Wall Game  from the racist  Keep and Bear Company, naturally you can do it with Lincoln Logs just add some  miniature barbed wire  and  guard towers!

Paladin can never get enough of the Baraboo Heil Hitler Story. Indeed, last Week’s Heil Hitler edition didn’t quite lose its goosen steppen for him – the Baraboo Shutterbug ‘splains again for CBS what really happened, while the ADL must find Nazis.  However, the object of the story, the Jerk who you never want in a foxhole with you when  real Germans attack   should take this advice: Hey Twerp, get over yourself CBS is using you as their little Media Hamster .

But this week’s American Gomorrah Supreme Catamite Award goes to Chief Justice John Roberts, who in the face of real mob intimidation at Obama’s SOTU speech just sat there as he was bitch-slapped.  Only the great Alito had the stones to shake his head, but Chief Robe Jonny Fobberts just sat there like a Wooden Indian  so spare us the gyre, the gimble and outgrabe.



Let’s see who’s worthy of Next Weeks’ Supreme Catamite award. Many are ready but only one will be called.

*A: Peter Stuyvesant is the One-Legged Man.  Paladin seems to remember the diorama pictured above in the Museum of Natural History in NYC, but it might have been the Museum of the City of New York.  Wonder if it’s still there or whether it’s been consigned to the Dustbin of Fact™?





Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    Psychology vs. Psychiatry.
    1. (eg) Shylock was the aggrieved character in “The Merchant of Venice”.
    How many folks are going into interest bearing debt, using a “magic” plastic card, to “save money” on Black Friday?
    2. What is that rabbit food stuff at the bottom doing in that otherwise perfect sandwich meal?
    Mayo, instead of cranberry? (and I’m not referring to that….”jelly” stuff) With white meat? Consider BOTH!
    There’s something…I say… There’s something WRONG with that boy!
    non-sequitur I have proclaimed Chinese Sesame Cold Noodles a superior “dish” to serve/bring, than creamed pearl onions or green bean casserole, but they just don’t support the internal infrastructure of a 2:00 AM leftovers supplemental, outside input free meditation, epiphany time, sandwich.

  • Paladin says:

    2. You have a point. But if the rabbit food packed in Lord Sandwich’s bread is slathered in gravy that drips onto the rabbit food snuggled inside—that can be considered a meat condiment! Let’s designate said snuggling a “Jonny Fobberts Ruling”.

    I’ll try the cranberry mayo hybrid next year.

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