Amanda Marcotte, The Concern Troll

Amanda Marcotte, The Concern Troll

Monday was a big day for the British Commonwealth.  A new royal baby boy was born into the British monarchy to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (otherwise known as Prince William and his wife Kate).  Leaving aside the question of “why should Americans care about British royalty?” (answer: because Great Britain and the United States have been allies in war and peace for well over a hundred years, and because in our celebrity-obsessed media-driven culture, royalty is still a big deal and big money – the baby prince had his own Wikipedia page within hours of his birth), it should be a happy occasion to see a young married couple celebrating the healthy and safe birth of their firstborn child.

Unless you are a soulless and unhappy woman named Amanda Marcotte, that is.


Amanda Marcotte


As people celebrated the birth, Amanda Marcotte took the time to reveal the acrid darkness of her heart by tweeting this:

“I’ll give everyone a couple of hours to enjoy this arbitrarily selected baby to gush over before I start reminding you of infant mortality.”

When called out on her extraordinarily inappropriate comment – because who would celebrate any child’s birth, no matter how “arbitrarily selected” you may think the child is, by reminding people that babies sometimes die – she tried to portray herself as concerned for the feelings of mothers:

“Jesus Christ, it’s really sad seeing conservatives equate a mother losing her born baby with abortion. So cruel to heartbroken families.”

Marcotte then went on to discuss infant mortality rates and express her shock – SHOCK! – that “conservative obsessives” thought abortion was worse than her infant mortality statistics.  And that she really doesn’t care about this royal baby at all, but that:

“I better not say I wish every baby could be born as wanted and healthy as Prince Baby or the hate I’ll get will be overwhelming.”

So, here is what I have to say to Amanda Marcotte, who says she doesn’t care about this baby, but apparently felt the need to comment about infant mortality when she learned of his arrival…

Amanda, you are a bitch.

If you are so willfully obtuse that you can’t tell the difference between an infant tragically dying of SIDS or some other illness that their tiny bodies can’t fight off, and a human being with its own unique DNA being executed in the womb on the decision of their mother, then there is no hope for you.

I’ve lost a child I was carrying at 12 weeks gestation.  It was the single most emotionally painful experience of my entire life.  I have four other children, one of whom is four months old.  Believe me when I tell you, Amanda, that anyone so soulless as to congratulate me on the birth of my baby by saying “well, don’t forget those infant mortality rates,” would have been promptly drop-kicked out my door.  I know loss.  And others have suffered bigger losses than mine.  Losses that you claim to care about, and yet you have no problem with late-term abortion, which kills a viable child.

And don’t even get me started on that comment about being wanted.  Your former boss, John Edwards, knocked up his mistress while his wife was dying of cancer.  I can bet you that he didn’t want that baby.  I’m almost certain that you didn’t want that baby to live, either.  How fortunate for that little girl that neither of you got to decide if she was “wanted” or not.

Amanda, if you can’t take joy from the birth of a baby, then keep your mouth shut.  Your pathetic attempt at concern-trolling the birth of the little Prince of Cambridge is just one more example that shows what an unhappy human being you are.

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  • carlie says:


  • Jennifer says:

    Excellent points all. What a callous BITCH she is.

  • Madconductor says:

    Thank you for the nice dress down – she needed that. She’s an idiot, too – not just a bitch. Well said.

  • Susan says:

    I have to say Amanda Marcotte really peaks my interest. I could write her off as being unhinged but I’m curious as to what set her off in the first place. I’m trying to understand. What was her childhood like? Was she abused or raped? Does she suffer from Asperger’s or is she manic/depressive? There had to be some incident in her life to create this bitter, angry, hate filled person. Usually people go through this stage when recovering from a traumatic head injury. The frontal lobes heal and then they recover. We can only hope.

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