Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dunks On Prayer And The NRA In Response To Christchurch Tragedy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dunks On Prayer And The NRA In Response To Christchurch Tragedy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dunks On Prayer And The NRA In Response To Christchurch Tragedy

The news out of Christchurch New Zealand is horrifying and sickening. The shooter murdered 49 people and injured 48 others for no other reason than hate. Here, on the other side of the world, what can we offer? Heartfelt sympathy and prayers of support, strength and healing. Yet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided within minutes of the news that we shouldn’t do so because of the NRA.

“A horrific terror attack by a white supremacist on two mosques in Christ Church, New Zealand on Friday has left 49 people dead, 48 wounded and 20 in critical condition. Before carrying out his murderous shooting spree, the extremist posted a disturbing 74-page manifesto declaring Muslims to be “invaders”; he then live-streamed his rampage using a GoPro.”

Yes, the evil that is the shooter live-streamed the attacks on social media! Words cannot express how sickening that is.

“He also issued a 74-page manifesto expressing his white supremacist hatred of immigrant “invaders” and belief in “ethnic autonomy.” He also specifically cites other infamous mass shooters as inspiration for his actions and says he hopes to spark a “civil war” by using firearms in the attack.”

Horrifyingly, the shooter is getting what he wants. Here in the United States, people started blaming the guns and specifically pointing fingers at the NRA while the situation was unfolding.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided that slamming the NRA and offers of prayers was the way to handle the situation.

How thoughtless and condescending. AOC is here to tell us that offering prayers isn’t worth a plugged nickel and we should stop doing so because prayers don’t keep us safe. She truly doesn’t understand the power of prayer does she?

Yesterday and the days to come are indeed some of New Zealand’s darkest days. Days where the comfort of a simple sincere prayer can mean a great deal to those in pain.

However, AOC doesn’t give a damn about what has happened in Christchurch. If she had, she wouldn’t have followed up with this tweet.

Yes indeed folks. This condescending little twit decided to point the finger at the NRA in the midst of a horrific tragedy. Furthermore, she retweeted this heinous piece of garbage.

The Christchurch shooter was a deranged piece of slime. Period. It doesn’t matter that his atrocious hate-filled manifesto named Trump, right wingers, or the freaking man in the moon!

What he did is evil. Period. Full. Stop.

For her to sit there and point fingers is outrageous on every level.

He’s right. She was insensitive, condescending, and cruel.

There are hundreds of families in pain right now. They need support. What they do NOT need is twits like AOC making a mockery of their pain and suffering.

I cannot imagine what those families and the entire community are going through. I can only offer up my own prayers for strength, comfort, and healing at this time.

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  • GWB says:

    49 people dead, 48 wounded and 20 in critical condition
    Oy vey. Are the 20 in critical condition part of the 48 wounded? Or are they somehow a separate category? You would think people with a college education in writing could communicate this information better. (They should not be a separate category, and if not, then “and” should be “including”. My kingdom for an editor!)

    What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?
    This confirms for me the “godless” part of “godless communist” in describing her. I’m guessing she hates God at least as much as she hates all us deplorables.

    Isolation, dehumanizing stereotypes, hysterical conspiracy theories, & hatred ultimately lead to the anarchy of violence.
    So, when will you denounce yourself and your party, Alex? (I won’t hold my breath waiting.)

    the NRA’s phrase
    Yeah, she actually said that was the *NRA’s phrase*. smdh

    Admit 45 & American Right Wingers radicalized them
    No, they claim those people radicalized them.

    named Trump
    He named a LOT of things. And only some of them were “right-wing”.

    We already knew AOC was an idiot and an a*hole. Now we know she’s a vicious, cold-blooded marxist, too. “She Guevera” appears to be a totally fitting nickname for her.

  • Jim says:

    The gun laws in New Zealand have been – up to now – more liberal than those imposed in Australia after the killing of 35 people in Tasmania. New Zealand allowed semi-auto firearms and also the use of moderators to reduce noise. The killer in Australia in 1996 was a young man called Bryant who had access to funds through a bequest, but had a full scale IQ of 64. In short he was mentally retarded. He also had a history of disturbed behaviour through childhood and adolescence that would suggest he had a Conduct Disorder: risk taking behaviour, lack of empathy, cruelty to others, playing with fire and fireworks, etc. He had been seen by a psychiatrist , though no definitive diagnosis was apparently made. He should never have had access to any firearm, let alone a semi-auto rifle, but the Laws around ownership of firearms were ”loose” and application was lax. In this latest mass killing the shooter was legally in possession of firearms under the Laws. It seems though from his actions and his ranting that he has a few kangaroos loose in his top paddock, but no one was aware of his mental state and attitude toward migrant groups. Hopefully he will undergo assessment by a forensic psychiatrist and that will give some idea of what was going on in his head. What seems certain is that New Zealand will follow Australia’s lead and make gun ownership even more strict.

    • Jim says:

      Correction to my post: the NZ shooter was a licensed gun owner, Category A. That basically means bolt operated rimfire, centre-fire rifles and shotguns. The two AR 15 type semi-auto rifles he had were not legal for his licence. This highlights the issue of licensing: law abiding people register their firearms and follow the laws of safe usage. Criminals, having nefarious intent, seek firearms from their criminal mates. This has been highlighted over the last couple of weeks in the city of Melbourne [Victoria] where I grew up: in the space of a few days 5 men were shot dead in confrontations with other thugs who used unregistered pistols. Criminals can always get guns.

      • GWB says:

        According to Wikipedia (I know), semi-automatic AR-15 style rifles are permitted in this category [A] provided they can only hold 7 or less rounds as well as meeting the other criteria, which includes all the silliness of CT law (no bayonet lugs, no folding stock, no “military pattern free-standing pistol grip”, and no flash suppressor).

        I haven’t seen the actual weapons he used, but manufacturers of AR-15-style rifles in America have been getting around that stupid list for a long time. (It was the same one used for the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, which didn’t ban actual assault rifles [’cause they were already banned], and was entirely ineffective.)

        law abiding people register their firearms
        *FREE*, law-abiding citizens don’t have to.

        Criminals can always get guns.
        Yep. Unless you have borders akin to the Berlin Wall, they’re going to get in. And, unless you outlaw lumber, plumbing, and machine tools, someone, somewhere, is going to make them.
        (Outlawing the components for gunpowder is about the only way to stop firearms of all sorts. And you’d be surprised how much pain that would cause in other areas of life.)

    • GWB says:

      a Conduct Disorder
      We would call that “psychopathy”. (Except for the fireworks part. We call that “fun”.)

      no one was aware
      Because some people’s FB posts never get read.

    • GWB says:

      BTW, Jim, can we call this guy an Aushole?

  • Romey says:

    The whole of “mental health professionals” and their schools should be class actioned for inflicting all of the nutso whack jobs on the rest of us. Most of the mass shooters have histories of mental illnesses. They are put into society by shrinks with little if any supervision and everyone is so suprised that they snap and kill groups of citizens.

  • John says:

    Jim, If you’ve got links to/material confirming that claim about the shooter’s license, I’d appreciate it.

    • Jim says:

      John, the NZ Prime Minister stated in an interview to the press which I saw Saturday [Australian time] that his licence was Category A and the two semi-autos with which he did a lot of damage were not legal in terms of his licence.

      • GWB says:

        Which might only mean they had larger magazines (over 7 rounds).

      • sound awake says:

        another democrat who knows not God nor understands thinking through problems
        in the democrat party we have a bunch of people feeling their way through life while being led by the evil one
        not good for anybody

  • docweasel says:

    AOC didn’t pay any better attention in church than she did in college or she’d know the power of prayer to comfort and aid the grieving and injured. I pity her for her ignorance. God forbid she ever need to pray, because she has no concept of what it means.

  • Scott says:

    And the PM’s comments dear friends once again illustrate the difference between a CITIZEN and a SUBJECT…

  • Regular John says:

    Sorry I don’t have time to mourn these mosque shootings. I’m too busy mourning the 32 Nigerian Christians who were massacred, and had their church burnt down, by Muslims two weeks ago, which didn’t get a single minute of press in the MSM. Maybe next time, guys!

  • Eyrie says:

    Jacinda Ardern is the South Pacific’s own AOC. Also a communist (former president of Socialist Youth International).

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