Adam Toledo Police Body Cam Video Released

Adam Toledo Police Body Cam Video Released

Adam Toledo Police Body Cam Video Released

Thursday afternoon, the city of Chicago released the body cam footage of the police shooting of thirteen year old Adam Toledo. The video is graphic and illuminating. The timeline of the events is telling. The teenager’s history is a warning to all of us. No one is talking about the trauma to the police.

I’ll tell you the story of the Adam Toledo shooting in a bit, but first I want to give you some statistics. The weekend before the teenager was shot, the city of Chicago saw 24 people shot, three of them killed. It was a typical Chicago weekend. Additionally, the first two months of this year, 45 officers have been shot, eleven of them fatally. That has got to be on the mind of every law enforcement officer as he leaves his home for his watch.

Now, as to Adam Toledo. This young teenager was out at 2:38 in the morning on a school night. He should have been home sleeping to be awake for school or Zoom.According to the Post Millennial, he wasn’t exactly an innocent:

Adam Toledo, who was known in gang circles as “Lil’ Homicide” and “Bvby Diablo” died from a gunshot wound by Chicago PD after they responded to calls of “eight shots fired” on a street corner. The Chicago Police Department released footage of the officer-involved shooting early Thursday morning which vindicated the shooting of Toledo.

Adam Toledo was not alone. He was with 21 year old Ruben Roman. That spells nothing but trouble, as someone who has raised a boy:

In a proffer, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office said Roman was walking south on Sawyer Avenue toward 24th Street in Little Village at 2:36 a.m. Monday, March 29. Roman was wearing a gold Carhartt jacket and a gold shirt and dark pants, while Adam was wearing a navy blue hoodie, dark pants, and a white hat – and they could easily be told apart, prosecutors said.

Video from Farragut Career Academy High School showed Roman and Adam walking together, while a vehicle was seen heading down the street away from where they were. The video appears to show Ruben walk up to the corner and take a shooting stance, while Adam first starts to move back in the direction from which they came and then moves back toward Roman as Roman fires shots, prosecutors said.

Adam Toledo aka Bvby Diablo was out in the early morning hours with an adult and a gun. Here is the timeline, according to NBC Chicago:

2:35 a.m.: Multiple ShotSpotter sensors picked up audio of approximately nine gunshots being fired. A short time later, a call went out over radio with the Office of Emergency Management and Communications of shots fired at 2356 South Sawyer, reporting that at least eight rounds had been fired.

2:36 a.m.: The first of two 911 calls provided by COPA was placed. The caller says they heard “six or seven” shots in the 2300 block of South Sawyer.

“I’m hearing a lot of commotion right now,” the caller, who asked to remain anonymous, reported to dispatchers.

2:37 a.m.: The second of the two 911 calls was placed. The female caller says they heard multiple gunshots.

“I just heard gunshots coming from Cermak and Kedzie,” she says. When the dispatcher asks how many shots were fired, she responds “a lot. More than five.”

2:38 a.m.: An officer’s body camera shows them arriving at the scene and exiting the driver’s side door of their squad vehicle. After colliding with a civilian, the officer begins to chase an individual, identified as Adam Toledo, down an alley.

2:38:35 a.m.: The officer’s body camera audio kicks on, as he yells at Toledo to stop and identifies himself as a police officer.

The video is graphic, but it tells the story:

Running from law enforcement officers is always a bad choice. When Adam Toledo does finally stop, he shades his body as he throws the gun behind the fence. He says nothing. He doesn’t say, “I am putting my hands up.” In less than a second, the officer shoots. The officer, Eric Stillman, immediately calls for an ambulance and begins CPR while begging the young man to stay with him.

Eric Stillwell is a 34 year old, prior military service veteran, who had been with the Chicago Police Department since 2015, and is unmarried.

While everyone focuses on the tragic end of thirteen year old Adam Toledo, no one thinks of the trauma to Eric Stillwell and the other officers involved. Law enforcement officers do not EVER want to kill anyone. No one ever thinks about that. Do they? Oh no. All cops are bastards:

No, all cops are people doing a nearly impossible job. Adam Toledo’s mother, and every other adult in his life, is responsible for his death. His mother should have made sure she knew where he was and what he was doing. If he was gang-involved, his mother should have moved cross country to protect him. She put her child in a position to be murdered by the cops.

Featured Image: Screen Capture of Police Body Cam/Public Domain

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  • John A Wilson says:

    Our mayor is fanning the flames instead of standing tall and representing all of Chicago who really want peace and security.

  • Scott says:

    Good post Toni, except the last line. Adam Toledo was NOT “murdered” by police, he was shot and killed by police while he was acting the thug. As you point out, sadly for him, his “parents” (and I use that term loosely) failed him miserably, and allowed him to live the “thug life”.. It should not be surprising that he then died a thugs death…

    As usual, the media is complicit in the lie, showing a still taken from the body cam footage where he was facing the officer with his hands up, which looks bad, because it fails to show that while the officer was chasing him, the gun was visible in his hand, and that is the hand that you point out, was behind the fence. The thug turned around rapidly, with that hand that had held the gun rapidly appearing from behind the fence. The police officer reasonably assumed that the thug was swinging the gun onto him, and pulled the trigger. The media and supporters of the thug fail to mention that this all took place in fractions of a second, and given the number of officers shot as you mention above, the outcome should not surprise anyone. And with the media fanning the flames, I’m sure that the riots will be epic when the officer is rightfully cleared of any wrongdoing.

    • Bill S says:

      1000 thumbs up on this post. The tone is perfect.

      Police critics treat police as machines who have no human emotions and act with perfect knowledge.

      A 13 year old boy with a gun is every bit as dangerous as a 28 year old with a gun. His age is irrelevant to a cop facing a life and death scenario.

      Cops, like teachers, working in these crime-infested communities face a no win situation. Until the culture changes schools will fail to educate and children will die. And the race hustlers will go on agitating while making matters worse.

      • GWB says:

        A 13 year old boy with a gun is every bit as dangerous as a 28 year old with a gun.
        And this is exactly why pro-gunners support the 2A! Because firearms are the great equalizers.

  • Cameron says:

    If Black Lives Matter, where the HELL was that boy’s father? Where was the black community telling these kids to stop acting like thugs?

    Oh right; they don’t matter unless you can use their deaths for personal gain.

  • GWB says:

    The video is graphic, but it tells the story:
    It is so graphic, it says I have to go to youTube to watch it. And I’m betting it forces me to login.
    Yep. Sorry, but I won’t be watching it soon.

    Law enforcement officers do not EVER want to kill anyone.
    The flip side of the ACAB thing. No, some small number of cops do like killing people. A somewhat larger set might be racist or power-hungry or just a bully with a badge. I wouldn’t ever make a blanket statement like that.

    Adam Toledo’s mother … is responsible for his death.
    Not necessarily. Maybe you haven’t had a truly headstrong child. I have. It ain’t easy, and control of them is not as easy as you might like to think.

    his mother should have moved cross country to protect him
    Maybe so. But go find out how easy or hard that might have been to do for them. One of the problems with poverty is the lack of ability to simply up and change your circumstances.

    Having said all that, this kid put himself in position to die. Him. Not alone, no. But it was his responsibility to obey Chris Rock’s rules about how NOT to get shot by a cop. He thought he could be a Big Man on the streets and instead ends up 6 feet under.

    One item I noted elsewhere:
    The media is showing the still photo of him with his hands up (mostly). The video (or adding the other still showing him trying to hide the gun) adds loads of context. I was a little duped by the still, I’ll admit, saying to myself, “Oh no, another bad shoot.” But the video/additional stills makes it obvious he did it to himself.
    Remember: Don’t run. You’ll only piss off the cop and die tired.

    • Scott says:

      Good points GWB, though you don’t have to log into you-tube to watch the video, just click through 3-4 warnings.

    • Toni Williams says:

      Oh GWB, I am going to have to push back on this one. My son is exceptionally headstrong. I figured out very early on that I would have to be in his head so that I knew what he would do before he did. I compared it to chess when he was young. I had to be two moves ahead. The flip side of that is that because he was kept directed and on the straight and narrow, he doesn’t know how to quit. Cadet commanding officer NJROTC, Citadel grad, SC ANG while at The ‘Del, commissioned and now sling load certified, Airborne, Senior Jumpmaster, Aerial Delivery, Rigger and currently doing some kind of secret squirrel training that takes months. Several deployments where he brought all of his troops home safely.

      There is a difference between having a child and being a parent.

      AATW Mom

      • GWB says:

        That’s great Toni. But I will freely admit that it’s only by the grace of God mine made it to his 20s. I won’t get into specifics, but it was not easy and we didn’t always succeed. So, unless I know more about the mom, I’m not going to cast aspersions on her as “failed”.

        • Toni S. Williams says:

          My husband and I know the truth of God’s grace. We don’t think our son would have graduated high school, if we had not moved from Connecticut back home to Tennessee. But, we also worked are asses off, too.


  • GWB says:

    One other item.
    Evidently CBS ran the video, but cropped it so you couldn’t see the gun in the boy’s hand before he dropped tossed it behind the fence. That is outright falsifying evidence. And if I were the cop (heck, I think it should be the entire police department!) I would SUE for defamation.

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