Abortion Activists Use 10 Year Old For Their Own Ends

Abortion Activists Use 10 Year Old For Their Own Ends

Abortion Activists Use 10 Year Old For Their Own Ends

Every single time we get an update about the story of the ten year old Ohio girl who was raped and had an abortion, the details just get worse.

First of all, there are still open significant questions about the safety of this child, the details surrounding the circumstances that put her in the crosshairs of a child sex predator, and the circumstances surrounding the report made to police and the arrest of a suspect. I agree with Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, when CNN tried to pull a “gotcha” on her with this case: there are no good answers here, and everyone has lost something. And why was the left so concerned about the abortion, and not the child abuse?

I’m just going to state my own personal opinion here: as a mom looking at this tragic, horrific circumstance, I don’t believe that a ten year old girl is physiologically mature or capable enough to bring a baby to term without severely endangering her own growing body and health. There are no good choices in this story. Everyone suffers in one way or another.

Well, here comes Amanda Marcotte (because if there’s an abortion to be shouted about, Amanda Marcotte is THERE FOR IT). You see, according to her, the EEEEEEEVIL GOP just wanted to make the whole thing a hoax, and she even yells at the Washington Post‘s Glenn Kessler for not just accepting this story at face value.

A reporter from the sleazy right-wing outlet Daily Caller triumphantly declared that Dr. Bernard couldn’t provide “any details to corroborate her story.” This was enough for the larger right-wing press to go on a feeding frenzy. The attempts to discredit Dr. Bernard’s story quickly got elevated to Fox News, where piggish host Jesse Watters especially went nuts over it. Then the editorial board at the Wall Street Journal published a story with the snarky headline “An Abortion Story Too Good to Confirm,” complaining that they were denied access to the name of a child sex abuse victim.”

In a truly shameful display, the bothersiderism addict at the Washington Post, “fact checker” Glenn Kessler, decided to grace the right’s false accusations with a story headlined, “A one-source story about a 10-year-old and an abortion goes viral.” Kessler’s entire premise to cast doubt on the rape of a child was his claim that law enforcement knew nothing about the rape.”

Of course, it turned out the story was true — and the police were informed of the rape last month.”

And here Marcotte takes the first fall to her face. It turns out that her sainted abortion doctor, Dr. Caitlin Bernard, told the story about her 10 year old patient to the media before she fulfilled her duty as a mandated reporter.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard filed a report with the Indiana Department of Health on July 2, the day after the Indianapolis Star reported her story about performing an abortion on a young girl who allegedly had to travel to Indiana due to Ohio abortion laws. On July 12, Gershon Fuentes was arrested after allegedly confessing to raping the young girl, The Daily Wire reported.”

Bernard’s attorney, Kathleen DeLaney, told Fox News in a statement that her client “took every appropriate and proper action in accordance with the law and both her medical and ethical training as a physician.”

“She followed all relevant policies, procedures and regulations in this case, just as she does every day to provide the best possible care for her patients,” DeLaney added.”

Bernard’s filing states she provided abortion medication to the 10-year-old on June 30, meaning that her July 2 filing was within Indiana’s requirement to report a crime to state authorities within three days, according to The New York Times.”

But the July 2 filing means that Bernard told the media about the young girl before she filed a report with the Indiana Department of Health and the Department of Child Services.”

So, the FIRST THING that Dr. Bernard, a known abortion activist, thought to do when confronted with the horror of a pregnant 10 year old girl was “I need to call a reporter and tell them this one!” No thought for the obviously raped child in front of her, nope. For an activist like Dr. Bernard, it was all about furthering her narrative of “why abortion is good,” not protecting a sexually violated young girl.

Also, someone tell Amanda Marcotte that July 2nd was earlier THIS month, not last month – unless she has some hidden information as to when the police were informed of this crime of child rape. But will any of these tiny little details matter to Amanda Marcotte? Not in the least, because in HER eyes, Dr. Bernard is doing a holy and noble work.

We’re seeing that rage now, as Fox News and other right-wing pundits work themselves into a lather villainizing Dr. Bernard for daring to spare a child the horror of forced childbirth. It’s a gross display, but these are the same people who support and defend Donald Trump, a man who was caught on tape bragging about how he likes to sexually assault women.”

It’s yet another reminder that what fuels the anti-choice movement is not “life,” but plain old misogyny. It’s a misogyny that celebrates the sexual predator, like Trump, and castigates both the victims and those who help victims. And, as this story shows, the hate isn’t aimed just at grown women, but at girls as young as 10 years old. Republicans love to wax poetic about imaginary child sex abuse, but in the real world, victims receive nothing but GOP abuse.”

Oh yeah, about that sex abuse. It also turns out that Dr. Caitlin Bernard listed the biological father of the aborted baby as a 17 year old minor.

The Guatemalan illegal immigrant charged with raping and impregnating an Ohio 10-year-old who traveled to Indiana for an abortion was listed as a minor in the report the Indiana-based abortionist sent to authorities.”

Dr. Caitlin Bernard reported that the alleged rapist was approximately 17-years-old in an official filing to the Indiana Department of Health obtained Thursday by Fox News Digital. On Wednesday, Ohio authorities charged 27-year-old Gerson Fuentes, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, with rape of a minor under 13 years old in the case.”

Now, regardless of the age of the rapist, no ten year old child can consent to sex, which means that Dr. Bernard’s “call the media, then file the report” actions were STILL egregious. And a 17 year old being the rapist of a ten year old is still incomprehensibly evil. However, the incorrect report of the rapist’s age may or may not be Dr. Bernard’s doing. How can I give her the benefit of the doubt here? Well, Telemundo interviewed the unidentified mother of the ten year old, and this entire situation screams of child abuse and adult denial.

After watching that, I can believe that the mother took her daughter in for an abortion in order to cover up the crimes of the rapist. And when Dr. Bernard’s office asked for the age of the “father,” the mother could have easily shaved a decade off the guy’s age to protect him. And then Dr. Bernard listed the age as 17, which means he’s a minor, and even though she should still be reporting this case due to the age of the VICTIM, she then followed her first impulse and called the media. Because she is an activist.

Want proof? She’s fundraising for abortion off this case.

Now, even though Dr. Bernard behaved reprehensibly by going to the media at all, much less before filing the report, I doubt she will be punished in any way. Even though the Indiana Attorney General is looking into the case, you don’t make a career as an abortion activist like Dr. Caitlin Bernard without knowing the EXACT legal limits of your chosen profession – which is why she filed the report, but apparently on the last possible day she could do so. Will she be able to explain away the age discrepancy for the rapist? Probably, between the mother’s reaction and the language barrier.

But the real problem is the abortion activists like Amanda Marcotte and Dr. Caitlin Bernard. When the media asked for proof that such a horrible crime had happened, the abortion cult screamed because they claimed the pro-life movement was trying to deny that sexual abuse like this exists – even though that’s exactly what Governor Kristi Noem pointed out in the first place, that a crime had been committed and any reasonable person would want to hold the rapist accountable (preferrably feet first through a woodchipper). But now that the details of the crime are being revealed, we are seeing that the abortion activists care even less about this ten year old girl than they accuse the pro-life side of not caring. She’s a bat to be wielded against those who are pro-life, not a young child who is going to need help and therapy to recover. Dr. Bernard is fundraising for MORE ABORTIONS and legal services. She’s not fundraising to get this ten year old the therapy or care that she needs.

And this ten year old girl needs a whole lot of help. Unfortunately, in just listening to her mother’s crazed defense of the admitted rapist (because he did confess to raping her, though the DNA test is still pending), this child is unlikely to get the help she needs to heal from her abuse. To the abortion cheerleaders, her story is their prop and their blunt instrument to bash people over the head with. But what about HER?

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  • GWB says:

    unless she has some hidden information as to when the police were informed of this crime of child rape
    Actually, the report in Ohio was filed 22 June. Supposedly. (No, I don’t trust anything I’ve been told, so far, as these people have proven themselves to be inveterate liars.)

    Donald Trump, a man who was caught on tape bragging about how he likes to sexually assault women
    Yeah, here go the lies, again….

    this entire situation screams of child abuse
    Or sex trafficking. (Rather “and”.)
    You know, all those “unaccompanied minors” arriving at our southern border? Yeah, about that….

    the mother could have easily shaved a decade off the guy’s age to protect him. And then Dr. Bernard listed the age as 17
    Baloney. It’s Bernard who knows the rape laws and knows that if the perpetrator is also a minor the penalties are much less severe. I doubt the mother gets that. Bernard never asked, she just put down the least incriminating thing she could think of.

    Even though the Indiana Attorney General is looking into the case
    Why isn’t the OHIO Attorney General looking into the person who called Bernard? The crime was committed in Ohio, and a doctor there supposedly was the one who made the diagnosis and decision for an abortion. Why are we concentrating on Bernard, when the OHIO mandatory reporter appears not to have done HER job?

    because he did confess to raping her
    And we know the confession is true, how? Given all the lies surrounding this case and the vested interest of many in making it all look kosher, why do we think the confession is legitimate?
    I would be less skeptical if this thing hadn’t started out as lies (about the “3 days” and the law in Ohio and the lack of any legal activity on a crime). I would love to hear testimony from the cop who actually took the report from the mother in June. And would love to see the original doctor (again, a mandatory reporter) IDed and put under the lights.

    But what about HER?
    And this is always the case with abortion activists. They only care to preserve the cult of Molech, not about any of the women undergoing the trauma of an abortion, nor about the women who actually need a medical procedure to save their lives – and especially not about the unborn children. Why else would they hate crisis pregnancy centers so, when they attempt to do all of those things?

    BTW, this has been my mantra for a LOOOOOONG time when it came to “rape and incest” exceptions. I’ve said “Sure, as long as there’s a credible* charge of rape filed, and the incestuous** adult or older minor is held to account to the full extent of the law.”
    (* Credible = an actionable accusation that couldn’t just be one of a million men in the area. And a DNA test kit.
    ** Incest is always added to this because of the ick factor. In all cases where the incest is not consensual adults it is, by definition, RAPE. As we can see, the abortionists just want to use that ick factor to make you cringe and say, “Well, ok, that’s gross, so I’ll support anything to make it go away.” Imagine if there were no controversy over abortion to make this story public right now? There would likely be no one in jail for this horrendous crime.)

  • Scott says:

    “There would likely be no one in jail for this horrendous crime.”.. I think that’s still the case GWB, he’ll only be in as long as it takes to post his bail (covered no doubt by abortion activists funded by Soros or others like him), at which point, he’ll quickly disappear..

    The mother’s distressed defense of the rapist suggests that
    a: She is also here illegally and fears deportation
    b: The defendant is the family’s sole source of income
    c: There is a likelihood of other children in the home

    Based on the above, and the totality of the situation, she should be booted from the country ASAP. As if being here illegally wasn’t already, well, ILLEGAL, she’s now at a minimum an accessory after the fact in the rape of this child. Why does the left insist on importing and supporting as many criminals as possible??? (yeah, I know, rhetorical question, the reasons are obvious)

    As for the reprehensible doctor, and Ms Marcotte, the world would be better off if they both took a long drop in a short rope, they are both terrible excuses for human beings.

    And yeah, the poor child is wrecked. She’ll never get the help she needs, will probably be exposed to similar in the future, and end up being dependent on the govt, because of mental issues / learned behavior that makes her unable to be a productive citizen ( hmm, when ya think about it, it sounds exactly like the democrat plan..)

  • […] Victory Girls had the best writeup of the festivities late last week.  Turns out that Bernard filed a report with the Indiana Department of Health on July 2, the day after the Indianapolis Star reported the story.  Nobody bothered to notify anyone in Ohio.  Essentially, she chose to play aborto-gotcha, using a lazy and incredibly partisan media to make a smarmy little political point.  And it worked, as the fossilized inhabitant of the WH used the story to bash Republicans and the SCOTUS on Feb 7.  Mom’s defense of the perp smells a lot like the typical coverup, with the perp likely being her boyfriend or significant other.  Children can be removed from the home for failure to protect them from a dangerous situation.  […]

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