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Wait, so the Gulf spill wasn’t BP’s fault??

Anyone know what today is?

Today is a very, very important day… because it’s my birthday! I am 26 years old today. I’m going to do a little blogging this morning, and…

Cold Fury Hang him by his pencil neck until he is dead, dead, dead

Morgan Freeberg 14 weeks: midterms are coming

CBS Ethics committee finds 13 charges against Charlie Rangel

Evidence ties Manning to Wikileak documents outing Afghan informants

Yesterday, I wrote about Wikileaks outing of hundreds of Afghan informants, whose lives are now at stake. Early on in the game, Private Bradley Manning was the…

Redstate Sharron Angle is in a good position against Harry Reid

Legal Insurrection Helplessness and anarchy

Judge Rules That Christianity Is Indeed No Longer Allowed At Public Universities

Originally posted at David Horowitz’s Newsreal: The internet has been buzzing about the story of Jennifer Keeton. She was a student at Augusta State University, trying to…

Michelle Malkin Shed no tears for Charlie Rangel

Our Army Life I Need You

Right Wing News AWESOME raffle giveaway from John Hawkins to benefit a great charity

Reuters Schwarzenegger declares CA in a state of fiscal emergency

Sister Toldjah The definitive smackdown of Wikileaker Julian Assange

Wikileaks outs hundreds of Afghan informants; Taliban planning revenge strikes

A few days ago, I discussed the Wikileaks document drop, which exposed 90,000 pages of classified documents showing that we were paying Pakistan to aid our enemies….

The Corner Do you trust your government to be competent to run this?

Despicable: teachers stealing federally funded student lunches

Teachers in Germantown High, in Pennsylvania, have allegedly been stealing federally funded student lunches for poor students. This disgusting practice has meant that a number of students…

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