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Evidence ties Manning to Wikileak documents outing Afghan informants

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Evidence ties Manning to Wikileak documents outing Afghan informants

Yesterday, I wrote about Wikileaks outing of hundreds of Afghan informants, whose lives are now at stake. Early on in the game, Private Bradley Manning was the suspected informant for Wikileaks, having already supplied them with the doctored “Collateral Murder” anti-American propaganda video. Well, it turns out that Manning may indeed be the person who supplied Wikileaks with these classified documents, as there is allegedly evidence to tie Manning to the documents.

Know what that means? it means he’s a traitor.

Investigators have found concrete evidence linking Pfc. Bradley Manning with the leak of classified Afghanistan war reports, a U.S. defense official said.

A search of the computers used by Pfc. Manning yielded evidence he had downloaded the Afghanistan war logs, which span 2004-2009, the official said. It isn’t clear precisely what that evidence is.

… The investigation is also looking at who might have helped Pfc. Manning provide the documents to WikiLeaks, a Web-based group that earlier this week released 76,000 secret reports from Afghanistan.

Alan Murray interviews Floyd Abrams, the legendary first amendment attorney, about the recent WikiLeaks disclosure and its relationship to the Pentagon Papers case.

Because of the focus on civilians who may have aided Pfc. Manning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department have been brought into aid the investigation, which is being led by the Army Criminal Investigation Command.

Defense officials are also combing through Pfc. Manning’s computers in a bid to figure out what other material he may have stolenas they try to anticipate what other material WikiLeaks may have.

WikiLeaks says it has at least 15,000 more Afghanistan documents the group withheld until some details could be redacted.

Military officials said the documents already released contain names of Afghans who have aided the allied force, information that could potentially endanger some of those people.

Manning has endangered the lives of not only hundreds of Afghan informants, but of our soldiers as well. He’s directly aided our enemies in facilitating the release of these documents and of the “Collateral Murder” video. They’ve become a rallying cry for Al Qaeda and the Taliban, who are threatening revenge strikes now.

He should be tried for treason, and if found guilty, face a traitor’s death. He’s aided our enemies and put our troops and our allies in harm’s way. If anyone dies because of these documents, it will be a direct result of Manning’s actions, and he needs to be held responsible.

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  • Marty says:

    You said it Cassy:

    “Know what that means? it means he’s a traitor”

    Anyone with a loved one in uniform understands how despicable this is. Adding risk to an already dangerous mission, and for what? He was bored? wanted to get back at somebody?

    You put my son and many more in greater danger “Mr.” Manning. Your actions may well extend the bloodshed.
    Good thing you are safe behind bars.

  • Cousin Dave says:

    I’m completely with you. Unfortunately this Administration probably won’t pursue serious charges until and unless an Afghan informant is murdered *and* the murder can be traced directly to a Wikileaks disclosure, and probably not even then unless there is a huge public outcry. So if and when it happens — and it probably will — we need to make sure that public outcry occurs.

  • Jaxsolo says:

    What am I missing? How does a PFC get access to this kind of stuff? I was a battalion intelligence officer and could barely get my NCOIC to give me the combination to our office door…

  • Ted says:

    If they knew about this “Collaterall Murder” video he did, why wasn’t his security clearance and access yanked? What was this guys job? Why did he even have access to that stuff in the first place? You need to have the right level clearance and need to know before you are granted physical access.

  • kate says:

    i’m spinning this out on fb to my 4,000 closest friends. 🙂

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