Gay Patriot I withdraw my apology to Shirley Sherrod

American Prospect Who are the extremists?

Liberty Pundits Outrage: cops stand impotent as family gets murdered

Way to go, RINOs!

How often do I actually applaud RINOs? Usually, they’re the scourge of the GOP, going across the aisle for the worst legislation and doing nothing but stabbing…

Hot Air A united GOP front sends DISCLOSE to defeat, 57-41

The Other McCain Get Bent, Ezra Klein

Morgan Freeberg Oh noes, we’re running out of internets!

Newsreal “Normal” domestic violence in Morocco is a crime in the U.S.

Michelle Malkin Michelle: Please sign Barack’s b-day card since I won’t be there for him

Campaigner-in-Chief Snubs The Boy Scouts 100 Year Anniversary Jamboree For An Appearance On The View

President Barack Obama is the honorary chairman of the Boys Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts have given millions of hours in volunteer service, and have helped…

Finding Ponies Marine absorbs IED blast, walks away unharmed

Barbara “Call Me Senator” Boxer: Being in Congress is just like serving in the military

Barbara “Call Me Senator” Boxer: Being in Congress is just like serving in the military

So, let’s say you’re a Marine in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. You go 6 – 9 months separated from your loved ones. You go weeks without doing…

Sarah Palin Journey into the media’s heart of darkness

Sweet: we’re paying Pakistan billions to aid our enemies!

The internet is abuzz with the document drop at Wikileaks. We’ve been giving Pakistan $1 billion a year in aid, and in return… they’ve been helping our…

Riehl World View Sherrod: We must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms

Doug Ross All 107 Journolist members with their “news” affiliations

Newsbusters Oliver Stone is REALLY riding the crazy train now

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