Justice Department to sue Arizona?

Obama isn’t happy about the new illegal immigration law in Arizona. He’s recruited Eric Holder to his cause now, and is considering suing Arizona to put an…

Washington Examiner Wow, Pelosi actually looks HOT!

Blackfive What would we do without the experts??

Instapundit George W. Bush was never afraid of the American people.

Roger Simon Racism is liberalism’s last resort

Journal Star Woman called fat bites off man’s ear?!

NY lawmaker to force New Yorkers to become organ donors?

I received several tips about this in my inbox. I didn’t believe it could be as bad as it sounded, but yes, of course it is. A…

Weekly Standard Charlie Crist is trying to get in touch with Rahm Emanuel?!

Marco Rubio It’s time to flip the switch on Charlie Crist

Hot Air Fox News: Crist to announce independent run tomorrow?

Gateway Pundit ACLU defeated; SCOTUS rules that Mojave Cross stays

Idiots boycott Arizona iced tea over the controversial immigration bill; tea is actually brewed in NY

If you ever wonder how we ended up with Barack Obama as president, then all you need to do is look at the hysterics surrounding the Arizona…

Jammie Wearing Fool AZ governor’s popularity skyrockets since bill signing

Pelosi: Murtha was “a tireless advocate for our troops and Marines in particular”

That was Nancy Pelosi’s response to the news that the Navy was going to name a ship after Marine-slanderer John Murtha. I was browsing the Marine Corps…

Washington Post Pope to issue mea culpa for priest abuse

Finding Ponies Misplaced priorities

Right Wing News Worst signs from pro-illegal immigration protests

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