Michelle Malkin The Mexican police state

Nanny state rears its head again – bans toys in Happy Meals

I have such fond memories of Happy Meals. Not today’s Happy Meals, with all of the crazy toys that are marketed towards whatever craze or fad is…

Breitbart Yes, Obamacare does have death panels

Washington Post Voters in most anti-incumbent mood ever since 1994

YouTube Ivanka Trump slams Obama

Salt Lake Tribune Bye bye, Senator Bennett!

AoSHQ Obama buries damning HHS report

Gateway Pundit Barack Obama, coal industry hypocrite

The Hill Crist to announce his decision… Thursday

Washington Examiner Critics of the AZ immigration law are over the top, not the law itself

Calderon slams AZ immigration law, ignores Mexico’s tougher immigration laws

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is very displeased with the new immigration law just passed in Arizona. The law aggressively enforces American immigration laws, and Calderon is not…

Surprise: Obama’s losing young voters

Democrats are getting desperate. Thanks to mountains of unpopular legislation, they’re careening full speed ahead towards huge losses in November. They’re looking towards their charismatic Dear Leader…

Hot Air Smells like amateur spirit

Finding Ponies Class traitors

Hot Air GOP filibusters the Democrats financial reform bill

Providence Journal Obama’s US court nominee has given almost half a mil to Democrats

Moonbattery Bill Ayers, rapist pimp

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