“leave barack alone!”

chris crocker is back…well kindof!        *language warning*   making america cool again.  just what we wanted in our president. h/t hotair

cocky thy name is obama

maybe the glow is started to fade a wee bit when late night comedians mock.  here is david letterman’s top 10 list from tuesday night: h/t gateway…

conservatives have villages too

we all know that bo and mo are all about saving the children –  um, except these children: this is a picture of the OBAMA KOGELO SCHOOL…

moonbats and anarchists in denver

it seems the anarchists, planning to cause mayhem and foolishness in denver, will go away if the moonbat democratic national convention will give them a payoff of…

mocking obambi in berlin

mocking obambi in berlin

another great ad from the rnc.  turn up the sound… alt : http://www.youtube.com/v/Haay-y4E6pA&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&color1=0x006699&color2=0x54abd6&border=1 nice job guys!

It’s the best day of the year

It’s my birthday! OK, so maybe it’s only the best day of the year for me (and really, still not necessarily the best day). But it’s a…

‘charismatic men who preach change’

‘charismatic men who preach change’

yep.  we’ve seen charasmatic young guys before who “preach change” to the masses and woo a nation.  we’ve also seen the after effects.  check out this letter…

10 reasons why obambi is creepy

you gotta love rick moran.  here’s his list of the top 10 things that creep him out about obama.  it’s pretty comprehensive. and i would add only…

obama has a wide stance too

no!  hey i didn’t make this up.  a distracted democrat did: um, wrong larry.

file under “bomb at the box office”

file under “bomb at the box office”

here is the trailer for the oliver stone movie “W”… alt : http://www.youtube.com/v/aEyJ2kdaaTQ&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&color1=0x5d1719&color2=0xcd311b&border=1 yep, that’s barbra streisand’s  (“bs” as rush would say) son-in-law playing president bush.  probably…

Guest blogging

Hey everyone! I have a quick announcement to make. Unfortunately, I have to go out of town this week for a seminar for work — as in,…

who will jmac pick?

so all last week we heard rumors that john mccain would be announcing his choice for vice presidential running mate very soon and my thought was that…

Why visit the troops if you can’t make it a photo op?

So, the truth finally emerges on why Obama snubbed the troops: media wasn’t allowed. Get it? No photo op, no visit to the troops. One military official…

The amazing Obamamessiah DOESN’T SWEAT when he works out!

Get ready to be amazed, mortals, because this story will BLOW YOUR MINDS. Seriously. This may be the most important thing you’ll read today. You, lucky reader,…

caption it!

is this not delicious?  the winners for our last caption it contest were: 1st place:  “Jessie Jackson practices castration the old fashioned way before attempting to remove…

“the odd weed and a little blow…”

“the odd weed and a little blow…”

so as obama spends some time in france today pretending to be president, there is a really fun satire written in the Times of London newspaper – …

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