It’s the best day of the year

It’s the best day of the year

It’s my birthday! OK, so maybe it’s only the best day of the year for me (and really, still not necessarily the best day). But it’s a pretty damn good day anyways. One of the good things about today being my birthday is that it’s the one day of the year that I’m allowed to be a shamelessly capitalist greedy pig. With that said… here’s what I’d like for my birthday from you, my dear readers, that would make me happy.

  • You can buy me something off my wish list (to the right) if you feel so inclined. I, of course, would greatly appreciate it.
  • Donate to one of these charities, my favorites, each of which I am either involved in or hold close to my heart thanks to personal experiences: Soldiers’ Angels, Any Soldier, Leukemia-Lymphoma Society. or The National Domestic Violence Hotline. If you really want to spend money, I think I’d rather you donate to one of these charities than buy me something.
  • Show some support to my favorite bloggers: Michelle Malkin, Right Wing News, Hot Air, Melissa Clouthier, Rachel Lucas, Atlas Shrugs, American Princess, House of Eratosthenes, Blackfive, Ace of Spades, The Jawa Report, and Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.
  • And finally, the most important one: Keep reading! I’m so grateful for all your support. I’ve come such a long way since this time last year, and it’s all because of you. So, keep reading. Tell your friends about me and this blog. You, my readers, are a gift in and of itself.

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    • philmon says:

      Happy birthday, Cassy!

      You’d mentioned it was coming up, and I wanted to make it a point to come over here and wish you a Happy Birthday today — and thanks to you I have an appropriate post to put it under.

      Hope you’re having a fine vacation, and after this, stay away from the danged computer until you come back. Clear your head. Have fun!

      – P

    • LC Scotty says:

      Happy Birthday, Darlin’

      Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes too!!

    • Steve L. says:

      Happy birthday, you young whippersnapper.

    • Rob Farrington says:

      Yay, many happy returns! Don’t get too drunk and then wake up in the middle of a field, next to a stolen road sign and a curious sheep.

      And no, that has never, EVER happened to me. Honest.

    • MrMutatoHead says:

      Happy birthday, you happen to share it with my youngest son, who was born this day 15 years after you were….

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