Is John “Reporting-For-Duty” Kerry, Obama’s next Secretary of Defense? No thanks.

by Kate on November 15, 2012

John Kerry embodies pretty much everything I viscerally despise. He’s patently Ivy League-pompous: smug about his intellect while actually being remarkably stupid and quite thick. He’s a complete Chomsky-ite in his views about the US and the world, yet utterly hypocritical in the way only true elitists can be; pontificating about “the little guy” while helping to insulate his own wealthy circle from any invasion of the great unwashed. He’s pretentious, humorless, conceited, and seriously uncoordinated. Frankly, I cannot think of a single redeeming quality John Kerry has as a human being. He reminds some of Lurch, but he reminds me of Robespierre.

So yesterday I saw that Jonn at This Ain’t Hell blogged that John Kerry was a likely choice for the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense or the Director of the CIA. That has been narrowed down a bit to SecDef by these guys. And today? It’s all the buzz.

If this rumor is true, Obama isn’t the incompetent Commie I thought he was, rather, he really does know what he is doing. Clearly, as we’ve seen with his other flacks, what Obama wants, first and foremost , is a loyal apparatchik such as Carney, Rice, Clinton, and Holder.

Secondly, with Kerry as SecDef, what better way to offend, demoralize, and beat down the majority of conservatives in the country – especially Veterans who served in Vietnam? The Vets harbor enormous resentment toward John Kerry for his Winter Soldier hearings; based on extreme exaggerations and blatant lies, his frequent accusations of widespread American war crimes, and communicating with the enemy as if he were some sort of Vichy ambassador in Paris.

Yep, all in all, John Kerry as Secretary of Defense is a perfect choice for the Obama crowd.

Here’s one of the Swift Boat Vets for Freedom ad’s from the 2004 Presidential election. It was EFFECTIVE! We may need to bring them back.

“SellOut” Swiftboat Veterans Ad
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chicken thief November 17, 2012 at 12:07 pm

Where exactly does he fall in the Secretariat blood line?


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