Women Get Your Guns

Women Get Your Guns

Women Get Your Guns

President Obama proudly politicized his push for more gun control on the backs of the victims of the Umpqua shootings with his visit and statement there yesterday. The elites on the coasts are screaming for more control. TV’s talking heads speak as though a national consensus has been reached in the country, but…in the hinterlands known as flyover country something else is happening.

Annie Oakley was a woman with a gun
Annie Oakley was a woman with a gun

Women are getting guns. Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins wrote a post in May titled WOMEN ARE A DRIVING FORCE IN NATION’S SHIFT FROM GUN CONTROL TO GUN RIGHTS. The de facto position for women in the U.S.A. had been pro control for two decades and then, women began to rethink that position.

From the article

On parallel with growing female gun ownership, increasing numbers of women applying for concealed carry permits, and burgeoning women involvement in shooting sports, support for gun control has dwindled. Thus, whereas only “45 percent” of the American people supported gun rights in January 2013 while “51 percent” supported gun control, the numbers have now shifted to “52 percent” support for gun rights and only “46 percent” support for gun control.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko aka Lady death, World War Ii Soviet Red Army sniper
Lyudmila Pavlichenko aka Lady death, World War Ii Soviet Red Army sniper

Look around your own neighborhood and see the truth of this. Women’s gun nights are popular at gun ranges and women are designing women’s weapons and accessories for other women. There are popular websites such as The Well Armed Woman, Gun Goddess.com, and, of course, Cabela’s

With President Obama proudly politicizing gun control,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o52A9XaqI6s

We want to know: Do you have your Concealed Carry Permit yet?

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  • Sue Dauber says:

    I absolutely have my permit and never go without my “little friend”. We are not safe anywhere anymore and I plan to be ready to defend myself.

  • Xavier says:

    My 77 year old mother has never fired a gun in her life; in fact, she can’t even remember holding one before. But with Gun Control madness in the air, she decided to buy a handgun for self protection before it became either illegal or oppressively expensive and purchased a Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special. We got her some low recoil rounds (Hornaday Critical Defense Lite) and Santa’s bringing a Laser Sight. Plus we’ll be going for our concealed carry licenses in the spring.

    She’s the chair of our local senior center and last week after the board meeting she announced that “the new gun shop in town is where I buy all my firearms” and the other members mouths dropped open with disbelief. Surprise! Granny has a gun!

  • Toni Williams says:

    Clearly, your mother is an independent and thinking woman. We should all be that way.

  • Wfjag says:

    According to feminists, a woman’s right to choose does not include choosing self-defense.

  • CJAZ says:

    Hey, ladies:

    The link to the source article is dead. And you never mentioned the source in your text.

    I want to share your articles with my Web peeps, but I’m not going to do that if people can’t access the source – because then it just sounds like crazy right-wing talk if there’s no documentation to back it up.

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