Without Roe v. Wade Women Could Be Jailed For Miscarriages

Without Roe v. Wade Women Could Be Jailed For Miscarriages

Without Roe v. Wade Women Could Be Jailed For Miscarriages

Lord, help me Jesus. These people are stupid. A law professor asserted on MSNBC, you should pardon the expression, that women could be criminally jailed for stillbirths and miscarriages. Gah, I cannot even. Paul Crookston of the “Free Beacon” wrote a post about this idiocy.

Dorothy Roberts, a University of Pennsylvania professor of law and sociology, said Wednesday that a conservative Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade and ultimately criminalize miscarriages.

Arguing that President Donald Trump’s pick to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy would usher in a conservative majority, Roberts said that outcome could lead to prosecutors going after women who suffer miscarriages. In an MSNBC clip noted by the Daily Caller, Roberts said “misogynistic laws” would be able to stand because of the anti-abortion rulings a conservative Court could potentially make.

Before we go any further, just who is this Professor Dorothy Roberts? She holds a B.A. from Yale (’77) and a J.D. from Harvard (’80). That’s pretty impressive, right? And furthermore, from the UPenn.com site:

Dorothy Roberts, an acclaimed scholar of race, gender and the law, joined the University of Pennsylvania as its 14th Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor with joint appointments in the Departments of Africana Studies and Sociology and the Law School where she holds the inaugural Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander chair. She is also founding director of the Penn Program on Race, Science & Society in the Center for Africana Studies.

Dayum. People pay a shit ton of money for their precious little cherubs to have this woman shit in their brains for law school. It’s over $80,000 per year.

This educated idiot tweeted:

and fortunately, we have some smart people out there:

To which I say Amen. Do not, I repeat DO NOT pay good hard earned money to send your children to the University of Pennsylvania and, especially the University of Pennsylvania Law School. No one is ever born with this stunning level of stupidity. It must be learned.

Want to watch Professor Dorothy Roberts in action? No, me either, but here it is:

Wait, women were thrown in jail right after giving birth. Without a hearing? Without a trial? Holy smokes. I don’t necessarily agree with prison for drug abusing pregnant women at all. But that is a different problem.

And, the Texas abortion law that was so horrific:

“There have been a slew—hundreds—of bills, many of them passed that are already drastically restricting women’s access to abortion,” she said, singling out a Texas law as one of the worst.

That law was struck down by the Supreme Court, as she pointed out, by the vote of five justices in 2016 in the case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt.

And what was in this horrible law that five justices found onerous? From the “Free Beacon” post:

The “very, very horrible law” the Court overturned required abortion facilities to meet hospital standards and doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. The court ruled the requirements placed an “undue burden” on the right to an abortion established by Roe.

Omgravy. Abortion facilities meet hospital standards and doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges. That’s an undue burden?

These abortion advocate women do not give a fig for women’s health. They only care about murdering babies in the womb. Protecting women with hospital standards and doctors having admitting privileges seem to be the absolute minimum to me. Not these people. They only want dead babies.

And in the name of all that’s holy and good, don’t send your sweet baby to be the University of Pennsylvania to be mis-educated by this educated idiot.

Rant over. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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  • Stephen Ippolito says:

    Great article, as always, VG’s.

    Unfortunately, this is what comes of a couple of generations of affirmative action appointments: many often grossly unqualified people raised up artificially, way above their level of competence.

    Unfortunately, their true level of competence must eventually reveal itself, as it does here, thereby detracting from the accomplishments of those real intellects coming from coloured communities who actually earned their places in the professions and public life. (I’m thinking Thomas Sowell here- but there are many others).

    The prejudice of lowered expectations is a real thing and needs to be recognised and I met many talented black professionals in 30 years of lawyering who thought so too.

    This foundational problem has been exacerbated by long-standing PC social pressure forbidding these undeserving affirmative action appointments from ever being engaged intellectually and forced to reason through their positions. The result: whole cohorts of non-white academics like this woman coming to believe that they are infallible and therefore any policy they take up, simply because it is the SJW intellectual fashion du jour, and any flawed logic they advance to defend it, however silly, may never be disputed because Hitler.

    Thankfully, this is changing in the era of Trump but the process will be long and messy.

    • GWB says:

      They don’t have to be “non-white” to be invested in this idiocy. Plenty of pale people believe it, too.

  • GWB says:

    First thing: she’s right! It IS dangerous!
    Heck it *kills* at least one of the people involved.

    Let’s be fair to this idjit’s argument, though: she’s not arguing that miscarriages will be outlawed, but that bad people will claim they really had an abortion. Because Salem, or something.

    However, she is *WRONG* to say 1) that women are being criminalized and 2) that women are being thrown in jail for stillbirths.I
    The first is countered by the leftist slogan “no human is illegal”. A society that “criminalized women” better have cloning down…. Oh and don’t claim she spoke poorly – this woman is a LAWYER.
    The second is a similar dissimulation: the women were not jailed for a stillbirth, but for harming their child. The same as if they starved it after birth because they were too stoned to feed it. This is child neglect. The stillbirth is the effect of that neglect.

    One minor disagreement, though, Toni. They don’t just care about killing babies in the womb. They care even more about ~power~. Killing babies is just a way to achieve that.

  • No We Can't says:

    The National Bolshevik Communism network should make MSNBC a comedy channel.
    Also when an affirmative action “professor” speaks it should be greeted with laughter.
    Make America Zimbabwe again? Yes we can!

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