Will Trump fire Special Counsel Mueller or DOJ Deputy AG Rosenstein? [video]

Will Trump fire Special Counsel Mueller or DOJ Deputy AG Rosenstein? [video]

Will Trump fire Special Counsel Mueller or DOJ Deputy AG Rosenstein? [video]

Short answer: Doubtful. That’s not how he operates.

Last week the question was whether President Trump would prohibit fired FBI Director James Comey from testifying. As predicted, Comey testified as planned. This prediction was based on knowledge gained from Trump’s public persona and guessing at how he would operate – which so many people have ignored.

This week the question is whether Trump will fire Robert Mueller – the former (not ever fired) FBI Director who has now been appointed as Special Counsel by DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to investigate . . . something regarding Russians, Mike Flynn, possibly Jared Kushner, and now, it has been leaked by someone in the Special Counsel’s staff, obstruction by the sitting president, Donald J. Trump. Here DJT is talking about Rod Rosenstein:

While anybody with a Twitter account can predict that Trump will have something to tweet about this development, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Trump is a pretty confident fellow. This confidence brings with it a braggadocio and swagger, but not necessarily deviousness and backstabbing, although so many in Washington are so entrenched in that manner of being that they are having a very difficult time understanding the nature of Trump. They make up stories about what they’d do and attribute it to Trump. They lack outside-the-bubble thinking. Too bad for them, because so far, the bull-in-the-china-shop approach is working for Trump. They may catch on to it and devise some effective method of counterattack, but for now they are still playing under the old rules. Score a few points for Trump.

Robert Mueller’s appointment by Rod Rosenstein at DOJ is being criticized on the grounds that Mueller is a close friend of Jim Comey, likely witness in the investigation. Mueller has apparently packed his team with high-dollar Democrat donors, who also appear to be as adept at anyone in Washington at leaking information. So basically, the team consists of the usual suspects. That’s unfortunate because if we need anything from Washington these days, at the top of the list would be trust. This team does not inspire trust.

Now there are whispers that Rosenstein may recuse himself from the investigation, though no reason why has surfaced. Did the Russians get to him too? Should he be investigated for colluding with Trump to run the America government? It’s all very convoluted. It’s doubtful that anyone knows exactly what they are supposed to be investigating anyway.

The latest speculation on whether Trump will fire Mueller sounds suspiciously similar to all the other speculation about what Trump will do all the many times before when speculation about his actions has arisen. Partisans on both sides of the aisle have agreed, Comey should have been fired – months ago. His termination, based on his poor judgment and weak leadership (“Maybe if I were stronger“), was justified long before we learned that he is also an unethical leaker with a flare for folksy phrases. And further, it is fully within the limits of the law for the president to fire the FBI director. There is nothing to see here, LITERALLY! Move along. 

So Diane Feinstein can be as concerned as she wants to be, but it’s doubtful that Trump is going to fire anyone at this stage.

“I’m growing increasingly concerned that the President will attempt to fire not only Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating possible obstruction of justice, but also Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein who appointed Mueller,” warned Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, in a statement.

“The message the President is sending through his tweets is that he believes the rule of law doesn’t apply to him and that anyone who thinks otherwise will be fired,” she added. “That’s undemocratic on its face and a blatant violation of the President’s oath of office.”

No, the message Trump is sending through his tweets is that the operation of this government is absolutely a farce and deserves major scrutiny. Guess what, the half of America that elected him agree!

Trump is a fighter (did we not know that about him?) and whether people choose to believe it or not, he’s generally a pretty fair one. Certainly he uses harsh and crude language, but he has not shown himself to be hungry for power for personal gain – unlike all the other swamp dwellers in Washington. He will use very blunt objects as his weapons, and he will fight his opponents head-on. No tricky Dick moves, just plain old bare-fisted brawling. His detractors will get bloodied up but they won’t get stabbed in the back.

Prediction: No one gets fired – unless they are derelict in their duties – and Trump will emerge stronger than ever.

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