Will Biden Be All Talk And No Action After Americans Are Killed?

Will Biden Be All Talk And No Action After Americans Are Killed?

Will Biden Be All Talk And No Action After Americans Are Killed?

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Iran is raising the temperature in the Middle East, and yet Joe Biden has held to the perspective for far too long that Iran could be bargained with or bought off.

As a result, Israel was invaded by Hamas, with the blessing and backing of Iran, the Houthis have been playing pirate and daring to go after American naval ships, and now three American servicemembers are dead in a drone attack on the Jordan/Syria border.

Three U.S. service members were killed and at least 25 others were injured in a drone attack on an outpost in northeast Jordan near the Syrian border, U.S. Central Command confirmed on Sunday.

But a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News the injury toll could rise to higher than just 25 Americans. Most, if not all, of those injured and killed are Army soldiers based in Northern Jordan near the Syrian border at a base known as Tower 22, which has been in support of the counter-ISIS mission for year, the official said.

“On Jan. 28, three U.S. service members were killed and 25 injured from a one-way attack UAS that impacted at a base in northeast Jordan, near the Syria border. As a matter of respect for the families and in accordance with DoD policy, the identities of the servicemembers will be withheld until 24 hours after their next of kin have been notified,” CENTCOM said in a statement.

“Updates will be provided as they become available,” the statement added.

Remember that Joe Biden said that he had “delivered a message” to Iran to not do anything?

Someone wake Grandpa Joe up, give him his meds, and kick him in the ass. IRAN DID SOMETHING. But never fear, the administration has responded with… an official statement from Biden. Anyone really think that old Joe wrote this, or did Jake Sullivan write this and tell Biden that the statement is out?

Today, America’s heart is heavy. Last night, three U.S. service members were killed—and many wounded—during an unmanned aerial drone attack on our forces stationed in northeast Jordan near the Syria border. While we are still gathering the facts of this attack, we know it was carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.

Jill and I join the families and friends of our fallen—and Americans across the country—in grieving the loss of these warriors in this despicable and wholly unjust attack. These service members embodied the very best of our nation: Unwavering in their bravery. Unflinching in their duty. Unbending in their commitment to our country— risking their own safety for the safety of their fellow Americans, and our allies and partners with whom we stand in the fight against terrorism. It is a fight we will not cease.

The three American service members we lost were patriots in the highest sense. And their ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten by our nation. Together, we will keep the sacred obligation we bear to their families. We will strive to be worthy of their honor and valor. We will carry on their commitment to fight terrorism. And have no doubt — we will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner our choosing.

In other words…

We now have dead American soldiers on Joe Biden’s watch – again. How much do you want to bet that the administration keeps him FAR away from Dover Air Force Base to prevent another watch-checking gaffe?

And there is a report out there that the soldiers killed were not regular Army, but National Guard.

Let’s look at the Biden statement and what we know. We have a minimum of three dead – and depending on the severity of the other injuries, more could die. The statement says “we know” who did it – and is pointing the finger directly at Iran. MAYBE YOU SHOULD NOT GIVE THEM ANY MORE MONEY, JOE, YOU IMBECILE.

The statement refers to “the fight against terrorism” being a “fight we will not cease.” So, why haven’t we just torpedoed the Houthis right out of the water any time they launch anything against our ships, or shipping vessels around Yemen? Yes, the Biden administration completely screwed up when they took the Houthis off the “foreign terrorist organization” list back in 2021, and it has taken multiple aggressive actions for the Houthis to go back on a list. Thomas Jefferson knew how to deal with pirates, yet Joe Biden can’t find his way off a stage.

And now, we have the losses being reported today. The statement claims that whoever is responsible will be held to “account at a time and in a manner our choosing.” Given this administration’s track record with just shooting off a drone, killing innocent civilians, and calling it a day, I would prefer to take the time to hit the correct target. However, it seems obvious that United States intelligence knows where this drone strike came from. It is also obvious that the United States cannot take a deliberate attack on our troops, that results in injury or death, and not hit back three times as hard.

Donald Trump is pointing out that the fault for this lies with Joe Biden’s “weakness,” which is correct. Republicans in Congress are telling Biden to respond, immediately, and stop pretending that Iran can be reasoned with.

“We need a major reset of our Middle East policy to protect our national security interests,” said Republican Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., went further, urging the administration “to strike targets of significance inside Iran, not only as reprisal for the killing of our forces, but as deterrence against future aggression. The only thing the Iranian regime understands is force.”

The “f*** around” has happened. We are about to find out if Joe Biden and his administration will be able to do more than scold Iran. The time for the Teddy Roosevelt approach of “speak softly and carry a big stick” just ended with the death of three Americans. Biden’s options are either “speak softly, suddenly YELL INTO MICROPHONES, shuffle away, and do nothing” or use the big stick judiciously to retaliate. If he does not act to defend American troops and American interests, then he is surrendering to Iran. And if that happens, does anyone think that Israel is just going to sit idly by?

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  • Chad King says:

    I assume your title (“Will Biden Be All Talk And No Action After Americans Are Killed”) is rhetorical. Iran is certainly acting like it’s at war with the US–when will we fight back? President Reagan got Gaddafi under control with one air strike. When will Biden, Austin, Blinken (heh), Brown, et al grow a pair and deliver some discipline to Iran?

  • Dietrich says:

    “When will Biden… … and deliver some discipline to Iran?”
    Not gonna’ happen. Xiden will campaign on not escalating conflicts, especially in the Mideast.

  • Lloyd says:

    Give Sleepy Joe a break….He cannot be bothered with protecting American service personnel….He is too busy protecting foreign invaders!

  • draigh says:

    I figure that Senile Joe will “do something” on Friday for the weekend News Dump. That way he can avoid having to tell the Hamas Supporters that he fired a couple of drones at Iran.

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